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Ottoman Empire: follow me on an incredible new journey

Murad and Natalya Osmann are the most popular Russian travelers, whose adventures are watched by about 10 million people every day. Several years ago, Murad and Natalya founded the photo series #FollowMeTo (#FollowMeTo), which instantly gained popularity on social networks. Since then, they have visited many countries, organized dozens of exhibitions, released two illustrated travel books and an author's show on Channel One. We managed to talk to Natalia and find out what helps her to recover after long flights, acclimatize in a new country and adhere to a diet.

Ottoman Empire: follow me on an incredible new journey

Murad and Natalya Osmann

Photo: Dmitry Anikin

- Natalya, tell us what helps you recover after a long flight and acclimatize in a new country?
- The best remedy is a dream, at least a short one. If there is no way to sleep, and we arrive, for example, in the evening, then I take a bathroom. Yoga saves in the morning. For general recovery, it is important to drink enough water, and the skin needs to be intensely hydrated.

- How do you fight the so-called jet lag?
- We fly a lot, and, like everyone else, I have problems with jetlag. Bath, meditation, and, of course, it is important to monitor your diet helps me to fight it.

Ottoman Empire: follow me on an incredible new journey

India. Taj Mahal

Photo: Murad Osmann

- How long did your longest flight take?
- 12-13 hours, which is quite difficult to survive. The body is still under great stress at high altitude. I fly in the literal sense of the word constantly. There are at least four flights per month.

- What do you usually do in flight? Are there any rules or mandatory rituals that you adhere to?
- Firstly, no flight is complete without cosmetics. I always make masks on board, which I am absolutely not shy about. Secondly, I always take a book and a player with me. Sometimes the plane is the only place where I can safely read for my own pleasure and devote time to myself.

Ottoman Empire: follow me on an incredible new journey

India. Udaipur Square

Photo: Murad Osmann

- Give advice: what to do immediately upon arrival in Africa, America or Kamchatka?
- First of all, we go to get acquainted with the locals and culture. Nothing brings to life and consciousness like greeting and respect for local customs and traditions - it can be food or a ceremony that is often done there, or immersion in culture. Feeling like a local is the best way to recover from a change of location.

Ottoman Empire: follow me on an incredible new journey

Backstage shooting

Photo: From the personal archive of Natalia Osmann

- Do you observe the daily routine while traveling?
- Unfortunately, it doesn't work out in any way. Usually the travel schedule is packed by the minute, and you often have to get up at five in the morning. We take not only photos, as everyone used to think, but also shoot videos for the YouTube channel FollowMeTo. To meet sunrise, and then another sunset with a large film crew, you really need to be a very organized person.

- Do you have some kind of sleep rate? How much sleep do you need to get enough sleep?
- The ideal sleep time for me is 7 hours, maybe a little more, but with our schedule we can sleep in 4-5 hours, as everything is scheduled by the minute ... Often you have to sleep where you have to - on an airplane, a car, or even in the mountains while we wait for dawn. The main thing is to listen to your body and give what it requires.

Ottoman Empire: follow me on an incredible new journey

Hong Kong

Photo: Murad Osmann

- What helps you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of each new place you visit?
- We prepare carefully before the trip to this or that country. We always plan routes, watch videos, look for information. But there is nothing to replace live communication with local residents. I always pay attention to clothes because they are part of the culture and history of the country. All this is very inspiring and energizing for the right work!

- Do you adhere to the drinking regime and how do you monitor your diet? After all, for sure in every new country you want to try something new.
- Yes, I always try to drink as much water as possible during the day. It is important to understand that any flight, even a short one, dehydrates the body very much, therefore it is necessary to replenish the water balance during the flight and after. As for nutrition, I do not deny myself a tasty meal, but I always remember that you should not overeat, and I try not to experiment. It also happens that I forget to eat because of the tight schedule. Most often in my diet there are fresh vegetables, meat is practically absent. But I never forget about dessert.

Ottoman Empire: follow me on an incredible new journey

Photo: From Natalia Osmann's personal archive

- How do you feel about detox programs that are so popular now?
- I have never tried it myself, since I have always been very slim, since childhood I was engaged in dancing and gymnastics. I try not to overeat and eat right. But I can have a detox cocktail in a cafe.

- How many countries have you already visited?
- I can't say exactly how many, but up to 30 countries come out a year. Very interesting trips were to Cambodia, Myanmar, Japan and Cuba.

- Is there any place where you feel most comfortable?
- We love to come back to the places where you have already been. These countries include India - always different and so beloved, deep and unique Jordan, as well as feminine and elegant France.

5ways to combat jet-lag after a long flight:

1. Drink plenty of fluids and moisturize your skin, as our body becomes severely dehydrated during flights.
2. The best way to recover from a flight is to sleep. Even if it is short-lived.
3. Monitor your diet. On the first day after arrival, postpone culinary experiments and tasting local dishes, make a choice in favor of familiar and familiar products.
4. Listen to yourself. After the flight, our body experiences great stress. Therefore, it is so important to give the body what it requires: drink water when you want or set aside several hours for sleep if you feel tired.
5. Immerse yourself in the culture of a new country, feel like a local. Fresh emotions and impressions will easily overshadow the feeling of tiredness.

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