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Oscar-worthy: 5 sports phenomena that were filmed

Sports are unforgettable moments, incredible victories, players with phenomenal abilities. A victory in a landmark match in the last seconds or a comeback after a long break - these are not just cult moments in sports history and personal triumphs, but also great stories for a book or a movie.

In our selection, we have collected 5 films, based on real events. We promise that you will definitely find something to your taste, no matter what TV broadcasts you get goosebumps from: basketball, hockey, boxing, or maybe even golf.

Moving up

Release date: 2018.

Sport: Basketball.

The plot is based on: the legendary victory of the USSR national team over the USA national team in the final match of the men's basketball tournament of the XX Summer Olympic Games in Munich (FRG) on September 9, 1972.

The film tells about the incredible confrontation between the USSR and USA national teams. For 36 years prior to this landmark meeting, the US team was considered invincible. No one could have imagined that someone would be able to compete with the Americans on the basketball court. However, the coach of the USSR national team, in spite of everything, believed in his charges. As a result, I was able to make the players themselves believe that they could do the impossible.

Oscar-worthy: 5 sports phenomena that were filmed

Photo: Still from the movie Moving up

Oscar-worthy: 5 sports phenomena that were filmed

“Move Up”: 3 Seconds That Shook the World

Out a film about the legendary basketball game at the Munich Olympics.

Moving Up has become the highest-grossing Russian film of all time

Legend # 17

Release date: 2013.

Sport: ice hockey.

The plot is based on: September 2, 1972. Montreal. The USSR hockey team with a crushing score of 7: 3 defeated the Canadian professionals from the NHL in the opening match of the epochal Super Series of the USSR - Canada.

The film is based on real events in the life of the great Soviet hockey player Valery Kharlamov . The picture concerns the period of Kharlamov's life from the moment he met his coach Anatoly Tarasov . It was under his leadership that the future star of world hockey grew up. And she went through a difficult path from a player from a minor league to a leading striker CSKA, and then - the USSR national team.

Oscar-worthy: 5 sports phenomena that were filmed

Photo: Still from the film Legend # 17

Oscar-worthy: 5 sports phenomena that were filmed

How Kharlamov's accident was postponed 4 years ago

Threat and recognition Tarasova, the ban on the name of Tretyak, Canadians-gorillas - in the conversation of our observer with the screenwriter Mikhail Mestetsky.


Release date: 2001 year.

Sport: boxing.

The plot is based on: the life and biography of Muhammad Ali.

The film tells about Ali's life in the period between the fight for the title of champion mIra with Sonny Liston and Rumble in the Jungle. Everything mixed up: acceptance of Islam, friendship with Islamist black activist Malcolm X, marriage to a Playboy model, refusal to serve in the army. During this period, the life of the legendary boxer was ambiguous and extremely eventful, which formed the basis of the plot for the picture.

By the way, this is not the only film about the life and career of a great athlete, but one of the few, whose actors were nominated for an Oscar.

Interesting fact: Will Smith played the main role, and he agreed only after Mohammed himself approved.
Oscar-worthy: 5 sports phenomena that were filmed

Mohammed Ali and Will Smith

Photo: Still from Ali's movie

Oscar-worthy: 5 sports phenomena that were filmed

The departure of the Greatest. The rules of life of Mohammed Ali

The world of boxing suffered an irreparable loss - the legendary three-time world heavyweight champion Mohammed Ali passed away at 74

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Release Date: 2005

Sport: boxing.

Based on the plot: the real story of boxer Jim Braddock, who was able to return to the ring during the Great Depression in the States. p>

The career of the formerly successful boxer James Braddock seems to be coming to an end: a series of injuries does not allow him to return to the ring. The Great Depression came, all his savings were lost, and he had to take on any job.

Once he was offered to enter the ring for little money, but the fight was stopped, since both fighters were very exhausted, and Braddock broke his arm. The boxers are disqualified and promised never to enter the ring again. But fate gives him a second chance: at the last minute he replaces another boxer and fights a challenger for the world title ...

Oscar-worthy: 5 sports phenomena that were filmed

Photo: Still from the movie Knockdown

Oscar-worthy: 5 sports phenomena that were filmed

The larger the cabinet, the louder it falls

Loudest upsets in the history of world professional boxing in the absolute weight category.


Release Date: 2005

Sport: Golf .

At the heart of the plot: the final of the US Open golf tournament in 1913.

The story that golf fans call nothing less than a miracle. At the final stage of the US Open tournament, an unknown 20-a summer boy Francis Wime , considered an outsider, defeated the absolutely invincible champion Harry Vardon . And he smashed elegantly, stylishly and not without a sense of humor.

Oscar-worthy: 5 sports phenomena that were filmed

Photo: Still from the movie Triumph

Kaka and Julio Cesar have a golf weekend

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