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Opening the season: the most popular cycling routes in Moscow 2019

Moscow has long been warmer, so there are enough cyclists on the streets. Each of them can choose a place to ride depending on their interests and level of training. We will tell you where you can spend time with your two-wheeled friend.

For those who are in trend

Gorky Park is the most popular among cyclists. Even if you do not have your own vehicle, you can rent a bike here and go around the entire territory: alleys, playgrounds, embankment. For walks in the dark, there are specially coated paths in the park. If the park is not enough for you, then you can ride along the longest bike path in Moscow, it combines Luzhniki, Frunzenskaya and Pushkinskaya embankments, Muzeon, Neskuchny sad, Vorobyovy Gory and Victory Park . At your discretion, you can stop at any point on the route and continue skiing at a separate location. You won't be able to set speed records here, since there are a lot of people around, including children, but you can arrange a leisurely bike ride in good company.

For nature lovers

If you don't like riding among a large number of people, you can go to Elk Island . The reserve is also very popular, but at the same time it occupies a very large territory, on which there are not only wide asphalt paths, but also small paths where you can hide from everyone.

Also suitable for those who like to ride alone Bitsevsky Park . It also provides bike rental and not only, bike paths are provided for riding. But there are also those who are not interested in moving on the asphalt, so they go to ravines or to various hills that skiers use in winter. In short, here everyone will find their own way to relax.

Another place for those who like to enjoy nature is the Fili Park . A cycle path of eight kilometers runs through the entire territory. Also Filyovsky Park is perfect for those for whom the bicycle is primarily a sport. Freeride competitions are often held here, there are high-speed sections with large drops in altitude and long descents.

For those who cannot live without sports

In addition, cycling fans will find something to do in Troparevo Park . On rough terrain, there are steep descents, long ascents, natural and artificial obstacles. Those who are not very interested in extreme skiing are also not forgotten throughout the park there are a large number of decorated bike paths.

Those who consider themselves to be professionals can try their hand at the bike track Krylatskoye . The length of the track is 333.3 meters, thanks to a special design, the athletes reach a speed of 90 km / h. With thism, the opportunity to come to training is not only for professionals, but if you think that the cycle track is not your level, then you can ride along the cycle paths located around the building, or along the open circular cycle track, which is located across the road.

Well and so that your training is not in vain, you can test your strength by taking part in the Gran Fondo Russia races.

Opening the season: the most popular cycling routes in Moscow 2019

Spin the pedals: races Gran Fondo Russia 2019

Where to ride a bike and get commemorative medals at the finish.

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