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Opening the cycling season: 5 things you shouldn't save on

The cycling season has not just begun, we can safely say that it is already in full swing! It doesn't matter what your iron horse will be for the summer - a city bike from bike sharing, an obscenely expensive road bike or a stylish and impressive mountain bike for traversing - it's time to seriously think about which bike purchases can make your trips more comfortable and safer. In our selection, we'll talk about cycling hygiene, fashionable workwear, reliable tires and saddle selection.

Opening the cycling season: 5 things you shouldn't save on

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1. Cycling shorts or cycling suit: freedom in movement

Almost everyone who is hooked on a bike sooner or later buys a bike uniform. By increasing the volume in preparation for the triathlon start or making cycling a weekend tradition for the whole family, you will definitely think about the comfort during the trip. For professionals and amateurs alike, the functionality of padded lycra cycling shorts and a tight-fitting T-shirt made from sweaty material cannot be overestimated.

Opening the cycling season: 5 things you shouldn't save on

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Advantages : such clothes are much more pleasant to roll, they are aerodynamic, do not get wet from sweat, dries quickly after rain. As a bonus, the striking shape is eye-catching and the cyclist is more visible on the road. Drivers, without noticing it, take equipped bikers more seriously, considering them to be athletes.

How to choose: If you do decide to buy cycling clothes, then you should pay attention to a number of parameters.

  • Cycling T-shirt . First, pay attention to the thickness of the polyester it is made of. The form should not be made of too thin material. It's a good idea to have both short and long sleeved T-shirts in a professional's wardrobe.
Tip: Pay attention to the presence of two details - collar and pocket. The pocket will come in handy when traveling long distances, and the collar will protect your neck from burning.
  • Cycling shorts . All shorts are made of Lycra and have a special lining made of sweat-wicking material. Be sure to pay attention to the seams with which the diaper is sewn, it is in this area that bicycle shorts often begin to tear.
Tip : choose those shorts that do not have an elastic on the stomach, or shorts with shoulder straps. Thus, you will eliminate discomfort when riding in a bent position.

Estimated budget: shorts - from 2000 rubles, T-shirt - from 1500 rubles.

2. Helmet: Safety First

The most basic and obvious, but also the most important tip: pick up a cycling helmet and ride in it. The helmet is your guarantor of safety. Wear it even on short bike rides to the nearest park.

Opening the cycling season: 5 things you shouldn't save on

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AdvantageTWA: A well-sized helmet does not hinder movement and does not interfere with visibility, but at the same time ensures your safety. Remember that a broken arm or leg will eventually heal, and a blow to the head can have completely unpredictable consequences.

Opening the cycling season: 5 things you shouldn't save on

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How to fit: There are three main types of helmets.

  • Helmet for mountain and road bikes;
  • Bowler helmet (most often used when riding BMX);
  • Full Face helmets (most commonly used by extreme athletes)

We are interested in the first option, since this type of helmet has two obvious advantages: light weight and good ventilation. When choosing, remember that there should be an adjustment on the back of the head that will allow you to fix the helmet as tightly as possible on your head. Check for broken adjustments and how well they work without leaving the store.

Hint: Remember that if you fall in your helmet and the shell is cracked, you must replace it with a new one. Since the integrity of the structure is lost, it completely loses its protective properties.

Approximate budget: from 3000 rubles. Be sure to try on the accessory before purchasing. A correctly chosen helmet fits comfortably, the harness does not press or rub anywhere.

Tip: If you are ready to spend money, then look at established brands such as MET, Bell, Giro.

3. Saddle: Discomfort is eliminated

Let's say that you decide to approach the process of comfortable riding your bike as responsibly as possible. Here, of course, we do not take into account triathletes or professional athletes who, in pursuit of that perfect saddle, are ready to do anything, even make a cast of the priests and give it to a number of specialists to study (yes, there is such a service in fact).

From an amateur's point of view, you can safely say that your bike can be anything, but the saddle must be correct.

Opening the cycling season: 5 things you shouldn't save on

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Benefits: Correctly fitted saddle + cycling shorts - this is an opportunity to completely forget about discomfort and start to get exceptional pleasure from riding.

How to choose: choosing a saddle can be compared to choosing a good orthopedic mattress for a bed. The ideal saddle should be strong enough but still slightly springy. And yes, it definitely shouldn't look like a soft, cozy and enveloping armchair. After all, you don't have to sit on it, but drive.

Tip: Arm yourself with a tape measure or ruler and measure the distance between the center lines of the anatomicalsome of the heights of the saddle. In an ideal world, this distance should be exactly the same as the distance between your sit bones.

Estimated budget: from 3500 rubles.

4. Tires: in charge of speed

Replacing tires is an opportunity to breathe new life into your bike. This simple and very standard procedure can help you dramatically increase roll and reduce effort without sacrificing speed results.

Opening the cycling season: 5 things you shouldn't save on

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Advantages: Tread pattern and tire weight are one of the most important factors affecting the ease of movement of the bike, and therefore, in the long term, the speed that you you will be able to develop on it.

How to choose: Consult the professionals in a special bike shop. Tell us in detail about the surface on which you primarily intend to ride and the requests that you have regarding the bike. For example, if your riding is mainly on asphalt or dirt road, then your choice of tires will fall on semi-slick tires. Semi-slick tires are tires with a smooth treadmill and lugs along the edges.

Approximate budget: from 1000 rubles.

5. Odor Neutralizer: Keeping Your Hygiene Safe

It doesn't matter if you have your own helmet or if you rent one before a ride or a bike ride. It is much more important to think about how much bacteria accumulates on the outside of this accessory. And sooner or later, everything that has accumulated outside gets inside, then settling on your face and head. That is why it is so important to maintain the hygiene of your equipment. And it's not even about the timely washing of cycling shorts, but about how to take care of your helmet, bicycles and your iron friend.

There are not many tools on the Russian market that will help not only to process your outfit for bacteria, but also eliminate unpleasant odors. Not so long ago, our scientists have developed an innovative Helmetex product designed for processing helmets, sports equipment, sports bags, gloves and more.

Interesting fact: Helmetex is the first Russian product that neutralizes unpleasant odor, ensuring the cleanliness and hygiene of your helmet, as well as motorcycle protection and sports equipment.

Benefits: Helmetex multi-component composition provides comprehensive hygienic, antibacterial action and eliminates sources of unpleasant odor. It is the unique composition and complex action of the product that has no analogues on the Russian market.

How to use: Helmetex can be applied to any type of surface: fabrics, plastic, foam, leather and artificial leather and etc. All components that make up the product are specially selected for use and direct contact with the skin and hair and are absolutely harmless.

Approximate budget: from 350 rubles.

Cycling is becoming more accessible, there are a lot of brands on the market that offer athletes have quality and stylish equipment at an affordable price. There are only a few things we still advise not to save on. Keep them in mind when going for a walk with your family or the first serious competition!

Opening the cycling season: 5 things you shouldn't save on

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