Here's how to calculate your 'fitness age'

Online calculator to help determine your athletic age

As you know, the more you move, the higher the quality of your body will be, which means that your mobility directly affects your life expectancy.

Research , which is very recent conducted by a group of Norwegian scientists, proved that how developed your muscles are directly related to mortality. A sedentary lifestyle provokes premature aging of the body, cardiovascular disease, obesity ... the list goes on and on.

Online calculator to help determine your athletic age

Who is this test for ? For those who want to check how well your body is preserved.

What is the research based on? The research that formed the basis for the development of the online calculator is based on the relationship between a person's athletic form and the amount of absorbed and assimilated oxygen.

What can you learn at the end?
At the end of the test, the program will show you your real age (which you enter at the beginning) and your athletic age (how well your body is feeling). If the athletic age is much higher than biological age, more movement must be added.

Fitness test , created by the Norwegians, which can be taken now, will ask you for the initial parameters (weight, height, waist, age) and ask you to answer some questions related to your daily routine. There are two versions available: the short version, which consists of 6 questions, and the full version.

Online calculator to help determine your athletic age

Both versions are absolutely free and freely available. When answering the last question in the shortened version, the program will ask the question: “Do you want to answer additional questions in order to make the calculation more accurate?”. By clicking “Yes, I'll be happy to answer additional questions”, you will automatically move on.

Online calculator to help determine your athletic age

Naturally, in order to maximally objectively evaluate how worn out your body is, one study through an online calculator is not enough.

Online calculator to help determine your athletic age

In one of our materials, we told readers about what to do fitness the test is available in the laboratory of the Russian Olympic Committee.

Online calculator to help determine your athletic age

5 tests to help you learn more about your body

Let's figure out what the fitness test of the Russian Olympic Committee consists of and what new things you can learn about your body thanks to it.

Now this option is available not only to professional athletes, but also to anyone interested. In addition, you can contact your fitness club near your home, at the moment most clubs offer such research for their clients. The price of the question starts from 5,000 rubles and depends on the depth of the test.

Complete the study using the online calculator.

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