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Once upon a time in ... Hollywood. Why DiCaprio has a belly, and Pitt has abs?

While the new film directed by Quentin Tarantino Once Upon a Time in Hollywood continues to confidently conquer the hearts and wallets of viewers around the world, a serious discussion about the appearance of the two main stars of the project.

Once upon a time in ... Hollywood. Why DiCaprio has a belly, and Pitt has abs?

Hero from the poster: what the movie stars of the 90s look like now

Which one of them could keep fit? Not everyone succeeded.

Once upon a time in ... Hollywood. Why DiCaprio has a belly, and Pitt has abs?

Aquaman is not the same. The movie star was criticized for his daddy's belly

Jason Momoa was ridiculed on Instagram for a couple of extra pounds. The Spanish press stood up for the actor.

They compare, as usual, the appearance of Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio. And they mercilessly criticize the latter, because despite the 11 years age difference, Leo does not physically look as attractive as his older friend.

Leo, how did you get yourself started like that?

We got into the filmography, collected a bunch of frames from different films and delivered the verdict - DiCaprio is fat, there are no cubes. But it turned out that it never happened, except perhaps a hint back in 2000, on the set of the film Beach. And even then. In general, the 44-year-old millionaire actor was stamped with the dad body label. The term, which appeared, if I'm not mistaken, in 2015 and is an abbreviation for dad body - daddy's body. Distinctive features - in general, quite acceptable physical shape, but always with a small, but quite distinct belly.

Once upon a time in ... Hollywood. Why DiCaprio has a belly, and Pitt has abs?

Leonardo DiCaprio got fat 2019

In contrast, in the same tapes and publics, they post pictures of Brad Pitt, whose film career is replete with roles in which he demonstrates the steel press and relief muscles. And, of course, a reproach question: Well, how is it, Leonardo, why did you launch yourself like that?

You can get rid of the bubble, but ... is it necessary?

Of course, as usual on social networks, there are compassionate ones with DiCaprio's advice not to despair, take care of yourself and finally put the body in order. The second part objects to them that not everyone can get hold of six-pack ABS, that genetics, physique and all that.

It is fortunate for DiCaprio that he probably does not delve into all the posts, reposts, and so on. Otherwise I would probably be depressed. But there is good news for him! Those who say that if he takes care of himself, starts going to the gym regularly, hires a trainer, a nutritionist, then for the next role he will be able to finally triumphantly lift up his shirt and demonstrate that there is no more of the dad bodyand a trace.

The question is - why? I also address him to everyone who turns to me for advice on how to quickly lose weight and bring themselves to a state close to fitness standards. Why bring your body to such a low percentage of adipose tissue that it will begin to perceive it as a threat to survival, with all the ensuing consequences?

Is it really possible to decorate your (or Leonardo DiCaprio's) life at any moment time to showcase your super fit? Provided that the price of such an opportunity is oh, how high. It will not be possible to get off with 2-3 visits to the fitness center, of which the lion's share of the time will be spent on setting up the cardio simulator and relaxing in the sauna. We'll have to plow, often very hard, sometimes - almost on the verge of physical capabilities. But that's not the worst of it. The situation is much sadder with the diet. You are simply deprived of the opportunity to eat by eye. Everything should be counted, checked against the BJU tables. Yes, you can sometimes eat huge slices of pizza with ice cream, but the keyword is sometimes, even quite sometimes.

Some are lucky

Yes, someone is lucky and his body is initially so tuned that it is comfortable for him to exist with a low percentage of fat. And even without bothering to count calories and exercise loads, there is an opportunity to triumphantly look at neighbors on a beach holiday. But there are still only a few of them. The fact is that we are all descendants of people who were evolutionarily programmed to be able to store fats. Otherwise, at a time when food supplies to supermarkets were not provided, it was impossible to survive. While the fat one dries, the thin one dies. That is why our body is remarkably able to accumulate fats in almost unlimited amounts. But then he will be able to use these reserves to hold out until the moment when he will be able to catch up and fill up the next mammoth.

Once upon a time in ... Hollywood. Why DiCaprio has a belly, and Pitt has abs?

Brad Pitt and Leonardo Dee Caprio

Photo: Still from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Leo as an example. How to understand that your figure is normal?

Therefore, before judging DiCaprio, it is worth taking a critical look at his physical condition, but not from the standpoint of fitness standards, but from the point of view of health and physiology. And then it turns out that the appearance and the percentage of fat mass quite fit into the gold standard. You can, by the way, quickly check if you meet these parameters. For this you need a tailor's meter. The waist circumference for men should be less than 94 cm, and for women - 80. If the result turns out to be greater, then this is not about beauty, but about the threat to life and healthovue. Obesity and all related diseases, among which type 2 diabetes mellitus is not even the worst. In this case, going to the gym and close attention to nutrition is very justified.

Pitt: a nutritionist, training and love of restrictions

What then Brad Pitt? Why would he hire himself so much that at 55 he obviously spends several hours a week on training, and even shells out for the services of a nutritionist (maybe, however, he understands food himself, it's not difficult)?

Unlike those employed in the fitness industry, for whom prizes for participation in competitions and sponsorship contracts with manufacturers of sports nutrition and clothing are the main source of income, he can obviously afford to choose roles that are not required every time expose a muscular torso to the camera. Well, the understudies (which Pitt, by the way, plays in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) have not been canceled either.

Once upon a time in ... Hollywood. Why DiCaprio has a belly, and Pitt has abs?

Brad Pitt

Photo: Still from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Personally, I don't know the actor, I can only assume that he just ... likes it. Yes, imagine, such a lifestyle (hardcore workouts in the gym, troubles with food, the habit of ignoring hunger, etc.) can also deliver a thrill. I will not be able to explain this in words, so I suggest everyone who wishes to just try. But I warn you, there is a risk that you will like it. And you will become in the eyes of others the carrier of the diagnosis of the fitness of the brain. But, as for me, the game is worth the candle.

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