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On the same wavelength: 5 of the most beautiful surfers in the world

In movies, we often see the following picture: the sun, the sea, a white beach and beautiful girls with a board, running to conquer the crest of a wave. However, few people think about the real side of surfing. In our selection, you will find the success stories of the world's most beautiful surfers.

Laura Crane

This beauty is only 23 years old, 12 of which she devoted to surfing. Already at the age of 14, Laura was the champion of Great Britain and did not stop there. Now the girl completely devotes herself to sports, watches her body and is engaged in advertising. In particular, she was recently contracted by the Billabong surfer clothing brand.

Quincy Davis

It's good when parents share the hobbies of their children and even set them on the path true. So it was in the Quincy family. The native of New York, along with her parents, was so fond of surfing that it even contributed to buying a house in Puerto Rico. At the age of seven, the girl took part in the first competition, and at 11 she won the first award. Quincy is now 23 years old and dedicated entirely to professional sports.

Maya Gabeira

This beauty surfer is also a big extreme. She was born in Brazil and has been fascinated by the board since childhood. Over time, a simple hobby has turned into professional sports. Maya has always been a maximalist, so she dreamed of winning first places in competitions. Thanks to incredible perseverance, she managed to become famous. In 2014, the athlete saddled a 13.7 m high wave. This record among female surfers has not yet been broken! He also helped Maya win the title of “Surf Queen”.

Coco Ho

Coco's case is an incredible success story, closely related to family and birthplace. The girl was born in 1991 in Honolulu. Her father, famous surfer Michael Ho, put his daughter on the board at the age of seven. And at eight she already signed her first contract. Uncle Coco is also known for his merits - Derek Ho became the world surfing champion in 1993. The older brother also rode the board professionally, where little Koko could fall behind! At the age of 25, the girl collaborates with many sponsors, ranging from Nike to her own watch model from Swatch, and continues to participate in competitions andreceive awards.

Alana Blanchard

Maybe her story will seem typical for a surfer - she was born in Hawaii, she has conquered the waves since childhood, but don't jump to conclusions. Alana can be considered a girl who has seen in her life not only joyful colors and azure landscapes. In 2003, she witnessed an accident. The shark bit off the hand of her friend Bethany Hamilton when she went to train in the ocean. Surprisingly, this situation only made Alana stronger. She helped her friend at all stages of rehabilitation, and after that she went even more into sports and won many awards. And she even starred in a movie - she can be seen in the movie "Soul Surfer".

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