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On the eve of spring. Sports events that await us in the near future

The second month of the coming 2020 is gradually coming to an end, and with it winter is coming to an end. However, there is still time to spend the outgoing season in an interesting way and meet the new one at a high pace. In our traditional selection, we tell you about events that will help you get unforgettable emotions and a charge of cheerfulness on the eve of spring.

Alfa Future People Snow Edition

When? February 28 - March 1
Where? Rosa Khutor Resort, Sochi

The winter version of the Alfa Future People Snow Edition contemporary music festival in 2020 will again be held in Sochi. The main stage, which will become the epicenter of the event, will be located in the Rose Hall concert hall. Of course, guests of the festival will be able not only to enjoy energetic music, but also to actively spend time on dozens of ski slopes in the Olympic Village.

The headliner is already known - Leeroy Thornhill, one of the founders of The Prodigy. He will perform with a special DJ set.

To get to the festival, visitors need to purchase tickets. Entry to the daytime program of the event will be carried out with the Rosa Khutor ski passes. The organizers of the AFP Snow Edition, like last year, offer guests a good deal of savings. They give you the opportunity to purchase a package that includes tickets and resort accommodation.

Don't miss the chance to have a great time in the company of modern music and outdoor activities. For more information, see the festival website.

New cycle trainings in World Class

Where? World Class Clubs Metropolis, Vorobyovy Gory, Tricolor, Kashirsky, Zhitnaya , Kuntsevo, Tulskaya, Moscow

For a long time you want to improve your endurance and lose extra pounds in a non-trivial way? Instead of routine workouts with iron, World Class clubs are offering a new cycle training system on station bikes. The modern program tracks each person in detail, records his progress and forms a personal training plan. All this thanks to high-tech bicycles with a built-in wonderful computer WattRate.

Classes are held in an excellent atmosphere, with dynamic music and picturesque virtual routes along which you will ride in the process. Workouts are suitable for any level of fitness, since the simulator itself adjusts to your capabilities.

Follow the schedule of classes on the club website.

On the eve of spring. Sports events that await us in the near future

At the start of 2020. Major sporting events of the coming year

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On the eve of spring. Sports events that await us in the near future

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Russian Squash Championship

When? February 21-24
Where? National Squash Center, Moscow

On the eve of spring. Sports events that await us in the near future


Squash is an indoor game sport with a ball and a racket. It is rapidly gaining popularity.

Very soon, Moscow will host the Russian squash championship - the most anticipated competition of the year, where the best athletes of our country will demonstrate their skills. Games for women and men will be held throughout all four days of the competition. The grand opening will take place on February 22nd and the final bout on February 24th. It is on this day that we will find out who will be worthy of the champion title.

Entry for spectators is free, preliminary registration is not required.
The full schedule of matches is available on the official website.

Quiksilver New Star Camp 2020

When? March 27 - April 5
Where? Rosa Khutor Resort, Sochi

Quiksilver New Star Camp is what brings together different people, driven by a passion for snow-capped peaks, skiing, music, dance and sports. Thousands of guests are already booking tickets to Sochi to enjoy the atmosphere of a party in the mountains.

During 10 days of the festival, visitors will be able to conquer the ski slopes, do yoga and workout with professionals, come off to the music of famous DJs and watch exciting films about extreme sports. This is a great chance to break into spring at full speed! Moreover, the organizers took care of those who like a quiet life. The program includes installation lessons and learning English.

We advise you to hurry. Special prices for accommodation and a ski pass have been prepared for all festival guests, which will be available when purchasing the Quiksilver New Star Camp package. This will allow you to select different options for accommodation in apartments or hotels of the resort with already included ski pass and a participant card giving access to the entire festival program.

Learn more.

Running training in the arena by adidas

When? February 21
Where? CSKA Manege, Moscow
Distance: 3 km

The Adidas Runners team gives you the opportunity to start sporting. Together with professional trainers, you can run a distance of three kilometers. This is a great start to sports life. The main work will be aimed at improving running technique and speed qualities. The training is suitable for absolutely all levels of training, so do not miss your chance.

To participate, you need to register in advance and pay for the entrance to the arena.
More on the official website

On the eve of spring. Sports events that await us in the near future

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On the eve of spring. Sports events that await us in the near future

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Run with the Nike Box MSK

When? February 21
Where ? Nike Box MSK, Park im. Gorky, Moscow
Distances: 10 km / 21.1 km

Long run - a long run at a distance of 8 to 17 kilometers. This is a real test of durability for runners. Nike professional trainers will prepare everyone for the start, help them complete the race with dignity and conduct recovery after training. It includes myofascial release and stretching.

Free pre-registration is required to participate.
Learn more on the official website


When? February 23
Where? Polyany, possession 4-6, Bitsevsky forest, Moscow
Distances: 800 m / 8 km / 16 km

For fans of harsh conditions and snow-covered trails, the next Yeti Trail Night race is held. If you want to test your strength and test your endurance, then this event will certainly appeal to you. It won't be easy, but interesting, because the race starts at 19:00, when it's already dark outside.

Even children can try themselves in running - at a special distance of 800 m.At the finish, absolutely all participants will receive commemorative awards and warm tea.

Paid registration and a medical certificate are required to participate.

Run-marathon Pokrovskie ponds - Defender of the Fatherland Day

When? February 23
Where? Moscow
Distances: 500 m / 1 km / 2 km / 3 km / 5 km / 10 km / 30 km / 42.2 km / 50 km

On the eve of spring. Sports events that await us in the near future


In honor of February 23, large competitions will be held in Moscow, in which both amateurs and professionals can take part. Each guest chooses a suitable distance for himself.

The organizers also introduced an unusual format - six hours of running non-stop. This means that in the allotted time you can cover any distance limited by the number of circles (circle - 2370 m). At the same time, you can finish at any time: after all the time or earlier. The winner is the participant who ran more laps in less time.

Paid registration and a medical certificate are required to participate.

On the eve of spring. Sports events that await us in the near future

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