10 Creative Ways How to Lace Nike Air Force 1

On style: 10 unusual ways to lace up your sneakers

Do you want something new, but are you not ready for global changes in style? Then we suggest experimenting with lacing - even your favorite, albeit familiar, sneakers or sneakers can be freshened up if you add a little creativity. We have put together simple but interesting video instructions for you.

Center knots

For such a beautiful pattern on shoes, you just need a marker or something that has a similar shape.

Perfect symmetry

The diagonals intersect parallel lines, resulting in perfect symmetry. No, this is not a text on a geometry puzzle, this is just one way to tie your shoelaces!

Universal knot

The video shows how to tie a special knot, which is useful not only for lacing shoes. Similarly, you can tie a scarf or other jewelry around your neck.

Shape matters

Air Force 1 is considered one of the most comfortable and durable running shoes. They have earned the love of not only athletes, but also creatives. After all, their shape allows you to create unimaginable lace patterns.

Add colors

White sneakers as a clean canvas for creativity. You can draw on them, and also, armed with bright laces, create your own unique designs!

Alternative to the classic

This life hack is useful for those who don't like the classic bow.


This type of lacing was popular in Russia in the heyday of subcultures. Checkered sneakers adorned their emo, goths and punks. As you know, trends come back periodically.

Circular pattern

The result of this tutorial is really surprising: it turns out that you can even tie a circle!


Another video tutorial on tying knots, which, together with bright laces, make a stunning design.


Do you like to braid your braids? Then this kind of lacing was invented especially for you!

Sometimes even such little things as laces can bring joy.We hope you will use at least one of the tutorials and fill the rest of the summer with positive.

How to Lace Your Sneakers Three Different Ways: The Ultimate Guide

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