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Olympic chic: 10 most stylish teams

The parade of athletes at the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games attracts the attention of spectators from all over the world, not only because there you can meet representatives of all teams and greet your idols with thunderous applause from the stands, but also because the parade is a better opportunity see and evaluate the equipment of national team athletes. In our selection, we have collected 10 of the most memorable, in our opinion, costumes that the world saw at the opening ceremony of the XXIII Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang.

Australia National Team

Team Australia went to the opening ceremony in dark silver jackets, in navy blue trousers with yellow splashes and in hats of the same color. The colors are dull, but they form a rather pleasant combination. The flag was carried by Australian snowboarder Scotty James.

Olympic chic: 10 most stylish teams

Photo: Quinn Rooney / Getty Images

National team of Bermuda

Representatives of Bermuda distinguished themselves by extraordinary costumes: they were dressed more like summer, despite the fact that in Pyeongchang there were 20-degree frosts. Red knee-length shorts, black knee-highs, white blouses, black jackets and red scarves - strange, but certainly original. The standard bearer is skier Tucker Murphy.

Olympic chic: 10 most stylish teams

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Team Sweden

The bright and memorable form of athletes from Sweden is the result of a collaboration with the famous clothing brand H&M. At the opening ceremony, athletes walked around the stadium in bright golden down jackets and stylish scarves with the Swerige inscription.

Georgian National Team

The blue and white uniform of the Georgian athletes attracts with its pattern: the intersecting blue lines remind of Cubism - simple, but tasteful. The flag of the country was carried by the skater Maurice Kvitelashvili.

Olympic chic: 10 most stylish teams

Photo: RIA Novosti

Team Canada

At first glance, there is nothing unusual in the form of the Canadian national team: the traditional red color in clothes and shoes, a black stripe on the chest and the inscription Canada. But the combination of contrasting colors is striking, and the bright detail in the form of a white maple leaf on the backs of the athletes really attracts the eye. The team is led by the pair skaters Tessa Vertiu and Scott Moir.

Team Jamaica

Modest but rather functional form of athletes from Jamaica - a collaboration with the famous sports brand Puma .

Russian national team

According to the IOC published before the beginning of the Olympics 13 requirements, the uniform of the Russians should not contain the emblem of the Russian Federation, the emblem of the Russian Olympic Committee, and the colors should not add up to the tricolor. The respected American edition of the Wall Street Journal named the team of Olympic athletes from Russia the most stylish at the Games. ZASPORT. Let us remind you that in the light of the pre-Olympic events related to the admission status of our team, two collections of sportswear were released.

Team USA

The release of the Americans at the opening ceremony is memorable not so much white-blue-red outfit and knitted sweaters of the same color as huge beige-brown and brown fringed gloves. The team is led by a sleigh, Erin Hamlin.

Olympic chic: 10 most stylish teams

Photo: RIA Novosti

Tonga national team

And the Tonga team surprised not so much with their clothes as their absence: skier Pita Taufatofua, acting as a standard bearer, he effectively entered the arena with a naked torso and in a red and black loincloth.

Olympic chic: 10 most stylish teams

Photo: RIA Novosti

National team of Finland

Finns went to the parade of athletes in white and blue uniforms with gray ornaments, orange splashes and black inserts. The caps are also patterned - orange-white for women and greenish-white for men. The result is a mix of different colors, which adds up to the overall picture. The standard bearer of the Finnish national team is ski jumper Janne Ahonen.

Olympic chic: 10 most stylish teams

Photo: RIA Novosti

One of the most common color schemes at the opening of the Olympics in Pyeongchang was black and red outfit, which could be seen, in particular, on athletes from India, Belgium, Macedonian, Belarus, as well as dark blue uniforms, as, for example, on the Argentine national teams. , Italy, France, Greece. Russian athletes were banned from using the traditional colors of the country in their clothes, but the white and gray uniforms of our athletes certainly did not lose the case at this fashionable court.

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