КВН Ольга Картункова: Лучшее!

Olga Kartunkova: everything that is done for the better leads to outstanding

- You started to engage in humor at a fairly conscious age. Were there any doubts whether you are doing everything right?

- Humor is not knitting or macrame, so it would be wrong to say that I started doing it at a conscious age. Wit is an innate quality of a person, and from an early age I made friends laugh and made fun of everyone. When I got older, I realized that I could amuse not only family and friends, but also complete strangers.

- How do you achieve your goals? What motivates you not to back down?

- My main motivation is my children. If I feel morally devastated after a concert or endless travel, even one telephone conversation with them can cheer me up and charge me like a battery.

Olga Kartunkova: everything that is done for the better leads to outstanding

- In the show Once in Russia on TNT you try on completely different roles. What's the hardest part? And in what images do you feel as comfortable as possible?

- Most of all I like those heroes who, in reality, can be found anywhere in the world in a store, on public transport or in a queue in bank. For example, a gating woman who can open any door without a key, because she is the most popular, real! I am sure that almost everyone has a similar friend or even a relative. This image is collective, therefore, a little exaggerated. Difficulties rarely arise: we have a great team, and we worked well with each other.

- What did this project give you?

- Incredible team and the opportunity to play so many diverse roles that I even dreamed of! And, of course, he opened some new opportunities for me both professionally and personally. Now I can afford a little more.

- How do you keep fit while touring and filming?

- Usually touring and filming is so busy so I watch my diet. It's easier for me to make myself a vegetable salad and brew couscous than to deal with the consequences of unhealthy diet later.

- What should NOT be done to lose weight? Give bad advice from Olga Kartunkova.

- You need to make yourself a greasy sandwich with sausage and butter and buy magic cocktails that promise to get rid of 20 extra pounds in just two weeks. Add closed ears and eyes to the closed mouth. No need to listen to charlatans and watch how miraculous diets work with Photoshop.

Olga Kartunkova: everything that is done for the better leads to outstanding

- If you could change something in my life, what would it be?

- Nothing. I am convinced that everything that is done is for the best! And everything that is done for the better leads to outstanding.

- What does the phrase active lifestyle mean to you?

- In my understanding, active means healthy. This means that you prefer to spend your free time not watching the next episode.la with a portion of ice cream, and go on a bike ride with friends, and after 10 hours of continuous sitting in the office, at least do some exercises or take your loved one by the hand and go with him to the nearest park. And also a good stimulus for activity is curiosity, curiosity, a desire to discover and learn something new. With such thoughts, you are unlikely to sit still.

- Are you watching your diet now? Are you seriously limiting yourself? What foods are you trying to avoid in your diet?

- Of course, I limit myself, but I feed my family and friends for slaughter. In my diet, cereals, vegetables, fruits, herbs and meat in boiled or baked form predominate. Although I really love to cook and sometimes I can afford indulgences in the form of wings in sweet and sour sauce or spaghetti with cuttlefish ink.

- They say that Moscow, with its frantic rhythm of life, changes people ... You feel are you on yourself these changes?

- No. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I rarely stay in Moscow for a long time. Most often I am either on tour or at home in Pyatigorsk. In general, you get used to everything, so after a frantic rhythm in the capital, a moderate and calm rhythm will also seem unbearable.

You can watch the episodes of the show Once in Russia with Olga's participation every Sunday on TNT.

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