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Odds Race: Guinness World Record, Prophetic Dream and Voodoo Magic

Any search engine upon request for bets will give you not only the sites of bookmakers, but also a huge number of all kinds of predictions, strategies, match-fixing specialists. But as it turned out, you don't have to use all of this to win big. We have compiled for you the stories of people who have made record amounts through betting.

Guinness Record

The highest odds bet ever was made in England in 1929. Katherine Unsworth bet on the results of all races. The ratio was 1: 3410, the chances of winning were minimal. But she was not mistaken in any of her assumptions. But judging by the fact that the amount she risked was only 10p, she did not use betting strategies.

Sounds beautiful

It is possible that the heroine of the previous story used the same method as her compatriot. This time we will talk about our contemporary. A 59-year-old resident of Sheppi decided to bet 12 clubs to win. She was not interested in football, so she chose the winner depending on whose name she liked more. As a result, 11 out of 12 clubs were not favorites. Her winnings amounted to 574 thousand pounds, while the coupon that brought her the win was worth 574 thousand times less.

He is from the future

It is difficult to say what was the reason for the hero of this story. but he was betting on qualifying games for the 2010 World Cup. 14 matches, in each of them the fan indicated not only the winner, but also the exact score, the odds turned out to be unimaginable: 209,856. But even more inconceivable is that he never made a mistake! All the results he indicated were correct, including the defeat of Portugal in the match against Denmark. It looks like Marty McFly did use the almanac this time.

Odds Race: Guinness World Record, Prophetic Dream and Voodoo Magic


Effect of déjà vu

Many people believe that every dream they have means means something, so they look for the interpretation of each symbol in special books. Adrian Hayward seems to think that dreams should be taken literally. Therefore, if you dream that a player of your team scores from the center of the field, run to the bookmaker's office. That is exactly what he did, and he had to wait until January. At that time, Xabi Alonso was a Liverpool player, and in the FA Cup match against Luton Town he made Adrian happier than anyone else in the world, turning him £ 200 into 25 thousand.

Most loyal fan

To make a bet on the victory of the national team of your country in any tournament, you must love and believe in it very much, especially if you live in Greece. In 2004, the whole world learned that there is at least one such fan among the Greeks. Their odds for winning the Euro before the quarterfinals were 50, but that didn't stop the fan. He bet four thousand pounds. Before the semifinals and finals, when the odds dropped to 10, he made a few more bets totaling more than 20 thousand. After winning the final, Greeks around the world were crying fromparts, and one of them also became 332 thousand pounds richer.

Voodoo Magic

To catch a huge odds, it is not at all necessary to bet on several matches. This story happened in 2010, in the first match of the African Cup, the hosts of the tournament - the Angola national team beat Mali with a score of 4: 0 in the 74th minute. At that moment, some residents of Germany, Moldova, Cyprus and a number of other countries bet on the outcome in which Mali will not lose, the ratio was 1: 1000. Despite the fact that several people around the same time put quite substantial sums on the victory of Mali, proceedings were held in relation to the match. The commission conducted an investigation, during which it ruled that the match was fair. The truth, most likely, will no longer be known, but it is always pleasant to watch this match, and those who managed to make good money on it are doubly pleased.

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