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Nutrition and performance: how did a nutritionist help Harry Kane become the best?

The England national football forward has already scored 6 goals in the World Cup matches - this is the best result in the 2018 games. Today in the England - Croatia match the fans are expecting new goals and beautiful passes from him. But Kane did not immediately show phenomenal results. As the striker of the English team assures himself, proper nutrition helped him achieve success.

An effective game in Tottenham and good luck at Kane's first world championship is not only the merit of the coaching staff. It is not for nothing that all the coaches and nutritionists of the world say that training alone is not enough to keep fit, you need to combine hard physical work with proper balanced nutrition and recovery.

No diets

Harry Kane is not dieting, but eating a healthy diet. He does not cover who his nutritionist and chef is, who cooks at his home six days a week, but has shared with the press the ration of one day.

Breakfast omelet with spinach and rye bread toast
Lunch chicken breast with lots of green vegetables
Snack nuts, grains with natural yoghurt or fresh fruit
Dinner steak or fish with vegetables, sweet potatoes or brown rice

Multiple Rules

  • It is important to get carbohydrates either for lunch or dinner.
  • During training, Kane drinks isotonic, the rest of the time - water and no alcohol.
  • In between football seasons, Harry can afford to eat a chocolate bar.
  • The main thing for him is consistency and adherence to the rules, otherwise he will not achieve great success.

The footballer manages to keep himself in shape, because, of course, he does not eat harmful foods. And since January 1, 2017, he has made adjustments to his diet: before, he already ate according to the concept of a healthy lifestyle, and now he changed the time of taking certain foods and claims that thanks to the change in habits, he felt a global change.

Eating the right food at the right time has helped me recover from injury in 4 weeks instead of 6-8 weeks and feel a surge of strength and energy. I used to think that the time you eat is not very important, but my chef explained that in fact it is more difficult for the body to digest food at the wrong time and absorb nutrients. Therefore, if you do not maintain a balance, do not adjust the nutrition schedule in accordance with training, you will simply eat, but not be full, - comments Kane.

Harry discusses in advanceyour meal plan to understand how and why this system will work. While he is in training, the chef prepares full meals for him and leaves them in the fridge.

Before coming to the championship in Russia, the English forward played two games a week, there was practically no time for training and recovery, so he had to give yourself rest and take care of the body in other possible ways: cold baths, stretching and, of course, food. By the way, Kane never drinks alcohol during football season.

Football star Harry Kane is a real role model, he seeks to squeeze the maximum out of himself, find hidden potential and push the boundaries of his capabilities. We wish the striker the best in achieving his goals and luck in the game!

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