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Now you have to do it: they didn't believe in the success of the national team, so they promised ...

On July 1, the 1/8 finals of the 2018 FIFA World Cup between the national teams of Russia and Spain took place. For the first time in history, the Russian team reached the quarterfinals. Many fans did not believe in our victory and made rather bold promises about what they would do if Russia still beat Spain.

The most original was the promise of the rapper T-killah , who wrote on his instagram that in case of victory he will get a tattoo on his face.

A video from the tattoo parlor appeared on the same day. On the face of T-killah was the inscription RUSSIA IGOR. The artist's fans were shocked.

Model Natalia Vodianova also did not stand aside. In her instagram, the girl promised to donate a million rubles for the development of football in Russia, and also dance Kalinka before the final. Well, we are waiting for the report.

By the way, not one T-killah spoke about tattoos.

Yaroslavl also supported the Russian team. The deputy of the Yaroslavl Regional Duma Anton Kapralov , in turn, promised: I will buy a soccer ball and will drive it along the Duma corridors at work.

Mikhail Kuleshov, the mascot of the hockey club Lokomotiv : I'm generally talking about hockey, not football. But if this happens, I promise to watch the next championship matches with the participation of our team.

And the author of patrols Sergey Lukyanenko promised and shaved off his beard.
Well, who else wants a commissioner's body ? What the players have brought! I walk with a naked face! - he wrote on social networks almost immediately after the penalty shootout in the match Russia - Spain.

Here are some more bold, funny and very cute promises of users.

Russian Santa Claus tried to look even further and promised to shave off his beard if the national team wins the championship. Apparently, he doesn't believe at all in our success. Can you imagine grandpa without a beard? We, no!

An equally bold promise in case the team wins in the World Cup was given to the fans by footballer Fedor Smolov: If the national team wins, then I will get a tattoo, jump with a parachute and conclude a life contract with Krasnodar.

Well, now the whole country is monitoring social networks and the fulfillment of these promises. Let's prove that it's not just football in Russiabut they know how to keep their word.

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