Not the weaker sex: 7 motivating films about women in sports

Sports are the perfect theme for motivating stories about willpower, overcoming obstacles and breaking stereotypes. And if the main character of the film becomes a woman, then the effect of viewing can be safely multiplied by two. Moreover, you don't have to go far for the stories, life itself kindly throws them up.

Not the weaker sex: 7 motivating films about women in sports

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Soul Surfer

Country: USA

The real story of surfer Bethany Hamilton, who at age 13 lost her arm after being attacked by a shark. Yesterday, the athlete was predicted a great future, and today she needs to come to terms with what happened and learn to live in a new reality.

The girl has a very difficult time, but thanks to the support of her family, she finds the strength to get back on the board. In the end, she manages to survive the blow of fate and prove that she is no worse than healthy opponents.

Play like Beckham

Country: Great Britain, Germany, USA

Jess is crazy about football and admires David Beckham's performance. One misfortune: she is an Indian with strict parents who honor traditions and want her daughter not to do stupid things, but to get an education and build a decent career.

However, the talent still cannot be hidden, but Jess's desire to become like Beckham too big. The girl has to lie to her family to play for the local women's team. The ending of the film is, of course, happy. And in one of the scenes, the famous football player himself appears.

Not the weaker sex: 7 motivating films about women in sports

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Million Dollar Baby

Country: USA

Four Oscars, the matchless performance of Hilary Swank and Clint Eastwood, and no happy ending. This is the story of a 30-year-old waitress from a dysfunctional family who enrolled in the boxing section in an attempt to drastically change a worthless life. With her diligence and perseverance, the girl attracts the attention of a strong coach and begins to make her first successes. It seems a little more, and she will prove to everyone that she is capable of a lot, but this is not destined to come true.

The film is about how anyone can challenge fate and follow a dream. And even if everything ends upflax, it was not in vain.

Tonya against everyone

Country: USA

This is a mock documentary, filmed in the genre of black comedy. The story tells about one of the most famous and scandalous American figure skaters Tona Harding. All her life she was surrounded by anger and violence: from childhood she was humiliated by her mother, then beaten by her husband. She swears and behaves defiantly. She is far from ideal, but on the ice she is incomparable and performs the most difficult jumps.

The film is based on the main scandal involving Tony, which cost her further career. During the US Championship, the skater persuaded her ex-husband and his accomplices to break the leg of their main rival. The FBI quickly found out about the conspiracy, and as a result, she was banned from participating in any competition in figure skating.

Not the weaker sex: 7 motivating films about women in sports

The loudest scandal in figure skating ... The Story of Tony Harding

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Mary Com

Country: India

Indian film without dances and songs, which is based on the biography of Chungneyjang Mary Kom Khmangte - an ordinary girl from a poor Indian family, who became interested in boxing. She has to overcome prejudices, but she goes to her intended goal and as a result receives recognition, and also finds love and starts a family. Mary Com has become a six-time world champion, she is a bronze medalist at the London Olympics.

Their own league

Country: USA
Year :

World War II broke out and most of the American athletes went to the front. Only young people, cripples and ... women, for whom they create their own championship, remained to play baseball. The film tells about the formation of the Women's Baseball League, about girls for whom fun gradually becomes something meaningful. They manage to prove to the whole country that not only men are worthy to play in this sport.

Not the weaker sex: 7 motivating films about women in sports

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The Russian-made film also entered the top.

Champions: Faster. Higher. Stronger

Country: Russia

A film about three famous Rosssportsmen, begins with the history of the Olympic champion Svetlana Khorkina. She did not fit the standards of artistic gymnastics, she was a quiet provincial who had to face great competition in Moscow and had difficulty winning the trust of her coaches. Having overcome all the difficulties, Khorkina entered the history of Russian sports as the Queen of the Bars.

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