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Not just girls: 5 famous men who practice yoga

According to statistics, the majority of yoga practitioners are women. But for men, practice can also be beneficial. It’s not just physical health, although it’s too, but mental and spiritual health. World famous actors, singers and representatives of show business prove it day after day.

Adam Levin

Former boyfriend of Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova, frontman of Maroon 5 Adam Levine came to yoga from the rocking chair. He admitted that his own appearance began to frighten him: in the mirror, the first thing to do was to look at his thick neck. And the pain in the spine finally convinced Adam to try another activity.

Levin became interested in hatha yoga. Adam practices every day, and the concert organizers prepare a special room for him to practice.

Not just girls: 5 famous men who practice yoga

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The British musician became addicted to yoga more than a quarter of a century ago. Then Sting was already 40. The singer, who always showed excellent physical shape, decided to just try on the advice of a friend, came to class and ... could not repeat a single asana. But very quickly Sting grasped all the wisdom of yoga.

Not just girls: 5 famous men who practice yoga


The man practices the so-called jivamukti yoga. Literally it translates as liberation while alive, but in reality this term means enlightenment.

Not just girls: 5 famous men who practice yoga

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Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. is now one of the highest paid stars Hollywood. And in 2001, he struggled with addiction, even was arrested for drug possession. But he managed to get rid of his addiction with the help of yoga. The actor's mentor was Vinnie Marino, who practiced flow yoga and hatha yoga with a student. From an addicted man, he turned into Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes.

Downey Jr. says, that the practice gives him an influx of positive emotions and strength, but does not advertise his hobby. In any case, there are no photos from classes on his instagram. But over the years of regular exercise, he learned a lot: not only simple asanas, but also complex postures that develop strength and flexibility.

Not just girls: 5 famous men who practice yoga

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David Duchovny

Agent Fox Mulder of the Secret materials became interested in yoga while studying literature at Princetonand Yale.

At first the actor studied treatises on Raja Yoga, which taught him patience and the ability to perceive the world as it is. And then he began to practice, after which I realized that only yoga brings us all closer to perfection. Duchovny regularly interacts with Indian mentors.

Not just girls: 5 famous men who practice yoga

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Ricky Martin

Actor and musician from Puerto Rico uses yoga to strengthen the body and cleanse the mind. Martin prefers to practice at home, and not somewhere in the hall in front of others. This is important for Ricky, because in communication with himself, he achieves harmony of body, breath and mind. He practices the most common hatha yoga, performing almost any asana.

The list goes on for a long time, because yoga is among the hobbies of Hugh Jackman, John Bon Jovi, Woody Harrelson, Matthew McConaughey and many others.

Not just girls: 5 famous men who practice yoga

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In general, yoga is for sure not just for women. The visual effect of the simulator is much higher, because you cannot get pumped up biceps and abs with asanas alone. But practice allows you to become calm and wise even in the most difficult situations, to learn concentration and give psychological confidence. This is a whole culture that you need to understand in order to begin to benefit.

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