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Not boring game: 8 facts about squash that do not fit into your head

Squash is a indoor racquet sport. The name of the game (from the English squash) is associated with the use of a relatively soft hollow ball with a diameter of about 40 mm, which literally flattens when it hits a wall. The progenitor of squash is the game of rackets (rackets or racquets - the American version of the name), in which, unlike squash, a fairly hard ball is used. The game (single - two players; or doubles - four) is played with special rackets on a court surrounded on four sides by walls.

Not boring game: 8 facts about squash that do not fit into your head

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How did squash come about?

The history of squash begins in the 19th century at the prestigious private school for boys Harrow (London, England). The students of this school, languishing in anticipation of their turn on the racket court, began to play a softer ball against the walls of nearby buildings, and as a result, a new game was born. The first specialized squash court was built there, in Harrow, in 1860.

Until the beginning of the 20th century, the game developed within the walls of various educational institutions, but over time it began to gain popularity in private clubs (for example, in the London Royal automobile club) and in the ranks of the officers of the British Armed Forces. In the USA in 1907, the first squash association was created and the first rules of the new game were drawn up. Today international administration in the world of squash is dealt with: WSF (World Squash Federation) - World Squash Federation; PSA (Professional Squash Association) - Association of professional male players; WISPA (Women's International Squash Players Association) is an association of professional women players.

Not boring game: 8 facts about squash that do not fit into your head

Squash court on the Titanic

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For a long time squash was an elite game of the upper classes of society. The sport became more accessible only in the 1950s, when the mass commercial construction of courts began. The game boomed in popularity in the early 1980s. Currently, squash remains extremely popular in many parts of the world, especially in Australia, northeastern Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

8 facts about squash that we were surprised

- Today squash courts exist in 152 countries of the world from Argentina to Papua New Guinea (and this is not a joke!). In at least 10 countries, squash is more popular than hockey.

- The speed of a squash ball reaches 260-270 km / h, and this is 2 times faster than the maximum speed of a soccer ball. The owner of the most powerful blow is the 35-year-old Australian squash player Cameron Pilley (Cameron Pilley). The flight speed that the ball develops after hitting Cameron's racket reaches 280 km / h.

- The most prestigious squash competitions are held in iconic places: at the foot of the Egyptian pyramids, in the Grand Philharmonic Hall Boston, Trafalgar Square in London, at the Grand Central Station in New York.

Not boring game: 8 facts about squash that do not fit into your head

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- Squash is one of the favorite sports of the British Royal Family, but the World Squash Champions in 2017 among men and women were players from Egypt who are husband and wife.

- When it comes to outstanding squash players, Hashim Khan should be noted among the men, who opened the dynasty of great Pakistani squash champions, which was continued by Jahangir Khan and Dansher Khan. Jahangir Khan is a 12-time world champion with 99 professional titles. His phenomenal speed, brilliant technique and ability to predict his opponent's play made him stand out from other players on the court. His retirement from professional sports marks the end of 50 years of Pakistani squash leadership

- Forbes magazine named squash the healthiest sport. During a workout, you can burn from 500 to 1500 kilocalories, providing your body with an excellent cardio workout.

Not boring game: 8 facts about squash that do not fit into your head

Editors are trying: chess on the court. His Majesty Squash

Play squash to lose weight, go on a budget at Harvard and get emotional relief.

- For quite a long time, squash has been an elite game of the upper classes of society. Incidentally, the squash court was on the Titanic and only first class passengers could use it.

Historical background . A footnote to the Titanic diagram stated: The squash court is located on Deck F and is run by a professional player. Tickets for using the court can be obtained at the ordering office, where, if you wish, you can pay for the services of a professional coach: 50 cents (a ticket to the pool cost $ 1) for half an hour. Balls can be purchased from the coach, or you can buy or rent a racket from him. On a paid basis, it is possible to reserve the court in advance with the coach, but it is not allowed to occupy it for more than an hour if there are others who wish.

- Squash is the most likely candidate for inclusion in the program of the Olympic Games in 2024 in Paris.

How is squash developing in Russia?

As for the history of squash in Russia, as a sport, it began to develop in our country since 1989, when the first competition between lovers of this sports game. In November 1990, the founding conference of the Russian Squash Federation was held in Moscow. In 1991, the Russian Squash Federation was admitted to the European and International Squash Federations.

And although squash still cannot be called massively popular, nevertheless it confidently attracts an increasing number of beginners to the courts - both adults and children - many of whom achieve high results on an amateur and professional level. For example, 14-year-old Russian woman Alesya Aleshina (Nizhny NOvgorod) became the winner of the international tournament of the category Super Series Nordic Junior Squash Open 2017 in the age category up to 15 years, held in Malmö in October 2017.

Not boring game: 8 facts about squash that do not fit into your head

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In addition, in the fall of this year on the courts of the National Squash Center (Moscow), for the first time in Russia, an international squash championship among juniors Russian Junior Open was held. The tournament became an important event in the world of children's sports, which clearly showed that squash is reaching a new level and is capable of becoming a massive sports hobby of the younger generation.

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