5 Reasons You're Not Losing Belly Fat

Not an incline: 5 reasons to go swimming

Most doctors are absolutely sure that swimming is one of the most beneficial physical activities for all systems of our body. A significant advantage of such training is that the loads in the water are less noticeable, and the effect of them is 2-4 times higher compared to the exercises performed in the gym. With regular swims in the pool, blood vessels are strengthened, metabolism accelerates, blood pressure normalizes.

Posture correction

A person weighs practically nothing in water, which is why all loads that compress the vertebrae and intervertebral discs are completely removed ... When in the water for about 40-45 minutes, the spine is completely unloaded, the intervertebral discs straighten and rest. This creates favorable conditions for the correction of posture disorders, partial restoration of motor functions lost as a result of injuries, and to prevent their consequences.

Not an incline: 5 reasons to go swimming

Healthy lungs and heart

It's no secret that the vital capacity of a person's lungs decreases with age. This is due to a decrease in the range of motion of the rib joints and the thoracic spine. When swimming, it is necessary to master the technique of correct breathing: a deep breath and a quick exhalation into the water. Greater depth and frequency of respiratory movements will not only improve ventilation of the lungs, but also increase the range of motion of the thoracic spine and costal joints.

Restoration of the nervous system

On the surface of the body immersed in water, hydrostatic pressure is applied. Water, in turn, irritates receptors and acts on the nerve centers, toning up the nervous system. That is why it is so useful to swim in the morning, such workouts give a feeling of vigor and increase efficiency. No opportunity to study in the morning? Evening swims at a calm pace will have a calming effect on the nervous system, increase emotional stability, and ensure a sound and restful sleep.

Flexible joints

Due to the absence of compressive load in any swimming method, the joints begin move with high amplitude in a variety of planes. You not only use your full natural capabilities, but you can also expand them by increasing the range of motion through pool workouts. If the mobility of the joints has noticeably decreased (this can happen with age or due to injuries), in the water you will be able to regain lightness and range of motion much faster than on land.

Weight loss

Due to the increased heat transfer in the water, the metabolism in the body is activated, therefore, when swimming, more energy is consumed (depending on the water temperature and swimming speed) than in other sports. The temperature of the water is always lower than the temperature of the human body, therefore, when a person is in the water, his body emits much more heat than in the air. This feature of swimming is actively used in the fight against excess weight.

Lifehack : Butterfly is itselfIt is not a difficult and intense movement in swimming of all and by far the most difficult to master. Butterfly is the best style for burning fat. It is ideal for your interval training and helps to improve your metabolism.

Not an incline: 5 reasons to go swimming

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