What Too Much Exercise Does To Your Body And Brain

Not a day without training: what happens to the body if you exercise every day?

Everyone knows that regular exercise helps to keep the body in good shape, and also has a positive effect on the emotional state, as it allows you to get rid of accumulated stress. However, how will the body react if you train every day without a recovery weekend? A fitness blogger from the United States, Brandon Romaine, decided to check it out on his own experience.

Not a day without training: what happens to the body if you exercise every day?

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What was the essence of the experiment?

Brandon decided to arrange daily classes and closely monitored changes, that happened to his body. The guy trained mainly on the system of high-interval intensive training (HIIT), the essence of which is to alternate walking and sprinting for half an hour. In addition, the blogger went to the gym a couple of times a week and did abdominal, back and leg exercises.

Brandon also followed a special diet that included a daily intake of 3000 kcal: 200+ grams of protein, 200+ grams of carbohydrates and 50-70 + grams of fat.

At the end of the first week of the experiment, Brandon noticed serious physical changes. But I felt that I became stronger mentally: I notice how HIIT training and any other challenges affect me, I see progress.

On the nineteenth day, alternating walking and sprint became much easier. The blogger noted that he became much more enduring and significantly increased his running speed.

On the last day of the experiment, Brandon showed himself before and after. Despite the fact that he tried to gain weight all month, he, on the contrary, managed to dry out. I think daily training helped me not to get fat. At first, the weight stood still for a long time, then I even managed to lose some weight. Also, I finally got abs.

Not a day without training: what happens to the body if you exercise every day?

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How to start exercising every day?

Brandon's example cannot but inspire other people. After this I want to check the effectiveness of daily workouts on myself. But what do you need to know before starting the experiment?

Christian Heria, famous blogger -calistenik (Kalistenika is withSystem of exercises with own body weight, aimed at the development of functionality, strength, speed, coordination. - Approx. ed.) , also goes in for sports every day. In his opinion, anyone can master daily workouts. The main thing is to maintain balance and listen to your own body. Do not drive yourself to exhaustion, and it is best to alternate strength and cardio.

Very it is important to initially draw up a training program. You can train every day, from Monday to Monday, you just need to maintain a balance: start the week with intense training, and end with more “light”. And do not drive yourself to exhaustion: if the body is tired all the time, you should not wait for progress, ”Christian advises subscribers.

Blogger's strength training looks like this:

  • warm up;
  • power output on the rings + push-ups from the horizontal bar + pull-ups (drop set: 5-10-10, 7-7-7);
  • deadlift;
  • plate-push-ups;
  • simple push-ups (5-6-7).
Not a day without training: what happens to the body if you exercise every day?

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We understand together with the coach, really is this exercise as useful as it is said to be?

If you have long dreamed of challenging yourself and trying to train every day, you should not put it on the back burner. However, remember that exercise alone is not enough to achieve real results, you must also monitor your diet and generally maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What happens inside your body when you exercise?

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