Total Cost Of Travelling To Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 From India - ₹1,51,601.52 / $2,114

Non-budget trip: how much does it cost to go to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

The World Cup in Russia has not yet come to an end, but the whole world is already starting to talk about the next World Cup, which will be held in November-December 2022 in Qatar. Considering how much money foreign fans spent during the 2018 World Cup, we need to start saving for the next World Cup right now. How much would a trip to the oil capital cost for an ordinary foreign tourist?

Qatar VS Moscow

The whole of Qatar is located on an area of ​​11,586 sq. km, which is 4 times less than the area of ​​the Moscow region (45,900 sq. km). Moscow, of course, is smaller than Qatar - 2,511 sq. km, but the population of our capital is more than 12.5 million people, while about 2.5 million live on the Qatari Peninsula. It seems that if all citizens of Qatar move to Moscow, they will be able to assimilate here almost imperceptibly.


Qatar currently has only one civil airport Hamad , which opened in 2014. Hamad is located in the capital of the state - the city of Doha, and its territory is several times larger than Domodedovo. Inside there are many luxury brand shops and large waiting rooms for each gate. Defined + airport - no buses, boarding and disembarking are via a ladder.

Hamad is also used as a transit airport for those flying to Thailand or Bali.

  • The cheapest flight option from Moscow to Doha is by Turkish Airlines with a transfer in Istanbul. A one-way ticket costs about 15,000 rubles, a round-trip ticket costs 25,000.
  • You can also take a direct five-hour flight by Qatar Airways - this local airline is one of the best in the world, but a round trip ticket will cost an impressive 50,000 rubles. But on board, even in economy class, they offer free drinks (including alcoholic ones), they are well fed, they give the opportunity to connect to personal video displays and do not force the phone to turn off.
  • If you fly in business class of a Qatari airline, you will have to pay 140,000 rubles for one flight from Moscow (we don't want to shock you, but I'm sorry). For comparison, a business class ticket from Moscow to New York costs 100,000 rubles (considering that the flight lasts 12 rather than 5 hours).

By the way, getting from neighboring countries to Qatar will not be cheaper than from Moscow - a one-way economy class ticket from Saudi Arabia, Greece or the UAE costs from 20,000 rubles. Apparently, Qatar will have to wait for the influx of Russian fans who will come to contemplate the new successes of our team. It was not for nothing that Stanislav Cherchesov said after the match with Croatia: Qatar will be better.

Do I need a visa to Qatar?

Since 2017, a simplified visa regime has been introduced in Qatar - the document will be drawn up upon arrival at the airport, it is enough to have a passport valid for at least 6 months after arrival in the country. You may also be asked to present a return ticket, hotel reservation and a guarantee that there is at least $ 1,500 on your card or in cash. A tourist visa for a month costs 100 Qatari riyals (about 1,700 rubles), if you wish, it can be extended.

Where to live in Qatar?

It all depends on how long you come to World Cup 2022, but hotel prices in Doha are quite affordable.

  • Room option in a 4-star hotel with a swimming pool, spa and fitness room from 2800 rubles per day.
  • The cheapest hostel on Booking in Qatar will now cost 1000 rubles per day, so while it is more profitable for tourists to take rooms in good hotels. But there is a high probability that by the World Cup prices for hotels and hotels will grow significantly.
  • On Airbnb, housing prices in Doha vary greatly, now the average price for a small one-room apartment is 6,000 rubles per day.

Local climate

Qatar is located on the Arabian Peninsula, there is often desert here. In summer, the average temperature in the city is + 40-45 degrees, so during the day no one is on the street for more than 15 minutes. All rooms, including underground passages, are air conditioned, but despite this, locals recommend leaving the house only in the evening.

That is why they decided to hold the 2022 World Cup from November 21 to December 18 - in winter the temperature in Qatar drops to + 26-30 degrees.

Food, water and entertainment

Almost everything, except for oil and gas, is imported in Qatar, there are a lot of brands well-known in Russia in stores. There are local sweets and spices, which are what tourists buy. Food prices are much higher than in Russia (for example, a can of cola costs 150 rubles).

However, you won't spend much money on a taxi - in Qatar, gasoline prices are much lower (28-30 rubles / liter ). Uber is very popular, and, by the way, taxis in Doha are still the only mode of transport. The bus network is just beginning to develop, and the Doha metro will not be operational until 2019.

There are plenty of bars, restaurants and nightclubs in Qatar. The most popular pastime is driving and drifting in the desert in a jeep. You can also go out of town to the beach and swim in the Persian Gulf, ride camels, visit the Museum of Islamic Art, or just stroll through the shopping malls and the Souq Waqif market (this is where local spices and sweets are sold), go to the Qatar Cultural Heritage Village. More museums and architectural landmarks are promised to be built in Qatar for the 2022 World Cup.


It will not work to bring alcohol to Qatar - it will be confiscated at the airport and given back on the way back. Alcohol in Doha is sold in several outlets and only on a special limited card (local residents do not have one), which is issued to foreigners working in the country. You can buy alcohol with the card for an amount not exceeding 10% of the official income.

Visiting tourists drink in bars, hotels and nightclubs where alcohol is freely available. But the prices for all products are much higher than in Russia - a glass of beer in a bar will cost at least 600 rubles, a bottle of vodka - 1500 rubles. You can't drink on the streets, but they promise to make fan zones for the World Cup, in which alcohol will be freely available.

Local culture

Local women, as in most Muslim countries, go in a burqa with a cutout for the eyes and face, men - in local robes. Tourists here can dress as they want, but it is better to come to official institutions like museums in trousers (for men), and women should be with closed shoulders and not too deep cleavage. On city beaches you cannot appear in swimming trunks, with an open top and in bikinis, on wild beaches - you can.

Local girls are not allowed to go to clubs and bars, to ride buses. If a local girl marries a foreigner, she loses her citizenship, so a Qatari beauty can get to know foreigners - but no more.

Approximate budget

Based on current prices, one can already assume now that how much will it cost you a trip to Qatar for the 2022 World Cup (counting on a week's trip).

  • Medium four-star hotel per person - 600 euros.
  • Round-trip direct flight - € 700.
  • Transfer by Uber - 100 euros.
  • Spending on food, alcohol and entertainment - 1000 euros.

Total: 2400 euros + a ticket for the match (it’s difficult to even guess how much it will cost).
Total in rubles: trip ( taking into account current prices) will cost you about 200,000 rubles with moderate spending, direct economy class flight, not the most expensive hotel and without taking into account tickets for the match.

Therefore, now you need to start saving and hope that in the remaining few years before, new airports, hotels and attractions will be built in Qatar, prices will not be raised, and local rich people will leave the country so as not to interfere with the celebration of the victory of the Russian national football team.

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