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No world record can be set at the Boston Marathon. What's wrong with him

During the quarantine period, classic jogging became a welcome resolution, even for people who did not run at their usual times before the pandemic. Sports fans are tired of practicing within four walls. If you, like us, miss running a lot, we suggest you take a break and read a selection of interesting facts about marathons. In it you will find not only motivating stories of athletes, but also funny situations from marathon days.

No world record can be set at the Boston Marathon. What's wrong with him

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Marathon is a city in Greece

It is considered that the history of the name of the discipline "marathon" appeared long before our era. There is a legend among athletes that the Greek warrior Phidippides overcame a distance of 225 kilometers from the city of Marathon in Greece to Sparta in order to ask for help in the battle between the Greeks and the Persians. He had to flee from one country to another through hilly terrain, without respite, and as a result, was abandoned by the Spartan side.

True, the Greek commander decided to attack without the help of Sparta. He understood that there was no time to wait for help, he had to act. The Persian side was not ready for an unexpected enemy offensive and lost this battle. When Phidippides came running, he was immediately sent to Athens to report the joyful victory over his opponent. The marathon runner really delivered the happy news and collapsed dead with the words: Rejoice! We won !.

This story is told even in textbooks on the history of antiquity. Only the real path of the warrior is not known for certain. Some argue that Phidippides ran no more than from the battlefield to Athens, others from Marathon to Sparta and back.

No world record can be set at the Boston Marathon. What's wrong with him

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The length of the marathon was set because of the children

It is clear that the route from Greece to Sparta significantly exceeds the current mileage of 42.2 kilometers. But from Marathon to Athens, the distance is about 40 kilometers. It was it in 1896 that athletes overcame at the first Olympic Games.

After 12 years, the distance was increased by another two kilometers and 195 meters. This was due to a whim of the royal family. The London Olympics were originally supposed to start at Windsor Castle with a finish at White City Stadium, but Queen Alexandra asked for 385 yards to be extended to the east lawn so that the royal children could watch the marathon from their children's room. After that, the distance was adjusted, and only in 1924 they came to the final decision. Since then the length of the marathon has been 42 kilometers 195 meters.

No world record can be set at the Boston Marathon. What's wrong with him

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In Bostonmarathon records are not recorded

It's hard to imagine that initially only 15 people participated in the marathon of a member of the Big Six. The Boston Athletics Association was inspired by the success of the Olympic athletes and began to conduct its own races in 1896.

The uniqueness of the start is that there are no world records due to significant differences in altitude at a distance that do not meet the IAAF requirements. On the map you can see the altitude profile of the track and make sure that the drop is about 136 meters instead of the allowable 42. Kenyan runner Jeffrey Mutai in 2011 ran a marathon with a score of 2: 03.02. True, the record was not ratified.

No world record can be set at the Boston Marathon. What's wrong with him

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Marathon anti-record installed in a snail costume

In 2002, Briton Lloyd Scott also set a world record, but at the London Marathon. He covered the distance in a diving suit weighing 65 kilograms in six days, breaking the record for the slowest marathon race. After that, he appeared before the public in the form of St. George in iron armor, who was dragging a slain snake, and was a giant robot. However, in 2011, he also finished the London Marathon in 26 days. Then he had to run away in the guise of a giant snail.

The proceeds from the shares, Lloyd sends to charity. The very idea of ​​slow and eccentric races was born to the Briton after he had to face a serious illness. Such performances, in his opinion, help to draw public attention to the problems of cancer patients.

Emil Zatopek - marathon hero of the 20th century

Emil Zatopek, nicknamed Lokomotiv, overcame 5000 and 10,000 meters and even won a marathon race. In addition, he set 18 world records and won four Olympic gold medals. Emil is considered one of the greatest runners of the 20th century.

No world record can be set at the Boston Marathon. What's wrong with him

Pain is merciful. Why did the great Zatopek attack Soviet tanks

Emil Zatopek was an amazing champion. He survived the revolution, disgrace and uranium mines. And he just gave his main medal.

The highest marathon in the world takes place on Everest

Everest meets not only climbers, but also runners. The annual Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon is intended to mark the first successful ascent of the mountain by Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Edmund Hillary in 1953. The start line is at 5364 meters.

Marathon Man versus horse invented in a pub

All great things, of course, are invented in a pub. For example, in Wales, a dispute broke out between the owner of one of the establishments and the visitor - whoor more long distance: a man or a horse? This prompted him to hold a competition and determine the winner. And since 1980 there has been a Man versus Horse marathon. People did not manage to win until 2004. Then the runner Hugh Lobb still managed to get ahead of the enemy, and three years later another athlete repeated his success. True, in 1924 one runner had already defeated a horse, but in an ultramarathon. The animal simply could not run for more than six days in a row, and the race had to be stopped.

The most extreme marathon takes place among wild animals

The most extreme and beautiful marathon can be called the Big Five Marathon. It is held in South Africa, and the distance passes through the habitats of savannah wildlife: elephants, rhinos, lions and leopards. So the faster you run, the less likely predators are to be supper.

The youngest marathon runner in the world was three years old

Surprisingly, Budhya Singh started running at the age of three. At the age of five, he already had about 50 marathons in his luggage. The boy was even featured in the film Budhiya Singh: Born to Run, which won the award for Best Children's Film at the National Awards in India.

Terry Fox - National Hero of Canada

Canadian Terry Fox proved to the whole world that with great motivation and the right goal, you can do the impossible and move mountains. At the age of 19, the boy was diagnosed with a malignant tumor and his leg was amputated above the knee. This prompted him to take the Marathon of Hope action to help cancer patients.

Terry intended to run across the country and collect a dollar from every citizen. Many did not take him seriously, and did not believe that it was possible to run such a long distance with a prosthesis. However, after three years of training, Terry hit the road. He was able to overcome 5373 kilometers, but the cancer spread to the lungs and did not allow him to reach the Pacific Ocean. Nevertheless, Terry Fox still made his dream come true and raised $ 24 million, and the population of the country at that time was just 24 million people.

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