Raquel Welch Is Still Absolutely Stunning At Nearly 80

No plastics: how America's main beauty Raquel Welch kept her youth at 79

American actress Raquel Welch cannot boast of roles in major film masterpieces, but she indirectly became involved in one of the best films in history. The Welch poster covered the hole in the wall of the cell through which Tim Robins' hero made the famous Shawshank Redemption. The choice of the creators of the picture fell on her not by chance - in the 70s of the last century, Raquel Welch was the main sex symbol of America, and similar posters hung in the bedrooms of millions of guys.

A charming dark-haired girl with a toned figure has laid new beauty standards that are still relevant today. But it is even more surprising that Raquel Welch looks stylish and fresh on the eve of her 80th birthday. The show business veteran does not hesitate to appear in public in bold outfits and still makes men turn around after her.

So what helps the most coveted actress of the 70s to remain charming and beautiful half a century after her crazy popularity? / p>

No plastics: how America's main beauty Raquel Welch kept her youth at 79

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The reason lies in daily habits.

Dream collapse and lucky ticket

A girl from San Diego Raquel Tejeda dreamed of dancing on the ballet stage, but after 10 years of training, she was expelled from the studio for too textured figure. For Raquel, the teacher's decision was a real tragedy - she cried for several days, hating her own physique. Then the girl had no idea that it was a gorgeous figure that would help her become famous throughout the country.

From her Bolivian father, Raquel inherited a colorful Latin American appearance, and from her English mother, a stately posture and a noble appearance. From the age of 14, the girl won local beauty contests and, thanks to her luxurious external data, began her acting career. At one of the auditions, the bright young actress was noticed by the wife of a film studio producer 20th Century Fox - it was Raquel's ticket to a big movie.

Raquel Welch conquered America in a bikini made of deer fur

The producers insisted that the girl starred under the name of her first husband, Welch, with whom she was already divorced by that time. But the actress flatly refused the offer to change the name to a more familiar American viewer Debbie.

- No one will remember Raquel's name and will not be able to pronounce it, - the producers argued.
- Let's check it out, - Welch answered.

And she was right. After the hit of 1966 Million years BC the name of the new film star was learned all over America. Welch said only three phrases for the entire film, but that did not stop her from waking up famous. Young actress with a seductive figure and thick dark hair in biReindeer fur kini suddenly became the adoration of millions of men in the USA, Great Britain and other Western countries.

How Raquel Welch convinced the owner of Playboy

Posters depicting Welch in the same bikini hit everyone sales records, and her new works gathered full houses. Raquel was different from the recognized beauties of Hollywood at the time. She looked frank and sensual, but at the same time not vulgar. Once Raquel accepted an offer to appear for Playboy, but during a photo shoot she refused to completely nude. Magazine owner Hugh Hefner did not like this much, but later admitted Raquel was right: She can drive men crazy even in a swimsuit.

The audience adored Welch for his chiseled body, attractive face and natural sexual energy. The directors willingly took advantage of this and mercilessly exploited the image of a stunning beauty. The actress gladly tried on more complex and deeper roles, but critics believed that she still lacked acting skills to embody the characteristic heroines. Nevertheless, Welch won the Golden Globe for her role as Constanta in the musical The Three Musketeers.

Herself Welch admits that she never felt like a great actress. Perhaps a real outlook on things helped her avoid depression and remain in demand even after the peak of popularity. The woman continued acting, hosted her TV show, founded a successful business and for many years was the face of leading cosmetics brands.

No plastics: how America's main beauty Raquel Welch kept her youth at 79

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Four simple rules anyone can follow.

How did Raquel Welch keep her beauty until 80?

Now Raquel is already 79, but she still leads an active life: she attends social events, starred in television projects, and her every appearance in public becomes an informational occasion for tabloids. The fact is that at the turn of 80 years, the sex symbol of the 70s remains smart and charming. Welch dresses stylishly and modernly, disarms with a snow-white smile, strikes with fresh young skin and a beautiful body.

The actress assures that she was able to maintain an amazing appearance without the help of plastic surgeons. Welch calls his secret good genetics, timely rejection of bad habits and love of sports. Raquel does an hour of yoga every day and demonstrates the wonders of flexibility. The ballet past and a positive outlook on the world also help the actress stay energetic and attractive, according to her.

Recently Men's Health magazine ranked Welch in second place in the rankingsexiest women of all time. She lost only to Jennifer Aniston. Of course, the choice is ambiguous, because in the history of cinema there were many sex symbols, but only a few managed to maintain an amazing appearance for old age. Raquel Welch succeeded, and this makes her truly unique.

Raquel Welch: Then and Now

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