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No makeup and graphics. What video game characters look like in real life

Technologies for creating video games do not stand still. Now, to make the character more realistic, you can endow him not only with the appearance of a certain person, but also with his movements and facial expressions. For example, famous actors became the prototypes of many heroes. That is why their names often appeared in the credits and previews. In our selection, we'll show you those whose facial features, voices and movements have been borrowed to recreate virtual images in famous video games.

Beyond: Two Souls with Willem Dafoe and Ellen Page

Exclusive from the studio Quantic Dream was released in 2013 on PS3 and has sold over a million copies. The plot of the game is an emotional sci-fi thriller about a girl named Jodie Holmes, played by Ellen Page.

The heroine from birth showed an inexplicable psychological connection with the fantastic creature Aiden. He accompanies her as a kind of ghost that can fly through walls and take over people, subjecting them to his will.

American actor Willem Dafoe played a scientist who first wanted to understand the girl's abilities, and then became close to her. According to the plot, this character is trying to use Jodie's power for his own purposes.

Hollywood stars were honored with the titles of Best Voice Actor and Best Actress scoring at the Spike Video Game Awards. By the way, the game was created using performance capture technology. It allows you to make your characters more realistic and to stage almost any scene with live actors.

No makeup and graphics. What video game characters look like in real life

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No makeup and graphics. What video game characters look like in real life

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Detroit: Become Human with Brian Descartes, Valorie Kerry and Clancy Brown

Another interactive action game from Quantic Dream. The plot of the game is tied to the relationship between humans and android robots. According to the scenario, the machines regained consciousness and decided to start an uprising to fight for the rights in the human world.

NeckSome of the characters were played by real actors. For example, Brian Descartes got the role of an android detective who solved the crimes of deviants. He also contributed to Mafia III and Red Dead Redemption 2.

Actress Valorie Carrie, whom viewers could see as Charlotte in the Twilight movie saga, tried on the role of the android housekeeper Kara. This is the girl's first experience in virtual filming.

The role of Hank Anderson - police lieutenant - went to American actor Clancy Brown. Throughout his career, the man has played in many films. The most famous are the Highlander and the Shawshank Redemption. Also, the voice of a Hollywood star can be heard in the cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants - from Mr. Krabs.

The differences between real people and their virtual copies are almost minimal, so the game turned out to be believable and aesthetically beautiful.

Grand Theft Auto V with Stephen Ogg, Sean Fontenot and Ned Luke

The fifth episode of the GTA game series delighted fans with three main characters at once. Reckless Trevor was played by Stephen Ogg, Sean Fontenot was reincarnated as the gangster Franklin, and the role of retired Michael went to Ned Luke.

External common features of the actors and characters in the game are visible to the naked eye. And if you look at several interviews with men and delve into their manners and humor, you will notice that GTA heroes are similar to guys not only in appearance.

In real life, the trinity also communicate: friends travel and relax together. Apparently, they've been through too much together, from virtual bank robberies in Los Angeles to royalties from the overwhelming success of the game.

No makeup and graphics. What video game characters look like in real life

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No makeup and graphics. What video game characters look like in real life

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Brütal Legend with Jack Black

American actor, comedianand musician Jack Black became the prototype for touring mechanic Eddie Riggs. The character found himself in a parallel world, where the atmosphere of real hard core reigns. There, the hero had to fight the fanatics and participate in the liberation war of the new world.

Initially, the developers planned to take the type of Lemmy Kilmister, a British rock musician, as a basis, but then settled on Jack Black. The decision paid off, because the actor brought the lion's share of jokes and charisma into the game.

Visible that the designers slightly changed Black's appearance. Brutality and muscle were added to his character.

Heavy Rain with Pascal Langdale and Jackie Ainsley

This computer game tells the story of a serial killer of children who kidnaps victims and drowns them in water in the rain. Ethan Mars - one of the protagonists of the interactive drama - experienced a tragic event. The man has lost his son. The role of Mars is played by British actor Pascal Langdale. He voiced the hero, gave him his appearance and movements.

The facial features and gestures of the young journalist Madison Page, who helps Ethan deal with the main antagonist, were modeled after British model Jackie Ainsley. However, the character's voice does not belong to her. The designers did not even copy the look completely, radically changing the girl's hairstyle.

Max Payne with Sam Lake

The example of this game is different from those already listed. The prototype of the protagonist was not a famous actor or artist, but the developer himself. Sam Lake not only created the script for Max Payne, but also gave the character his own appearance.

The viewer liked Lake's virtual image. Gamers especially remembered the hero's unusual grin.

No makeup and graphics. What video game characters look like in real life

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