No gyms or diets. How the model Emily Ratajkowski manages to maintain a chiseled figure

Emily Ratajkowski is a famous supermodel and, more recently, also an actress. According to fans from all over the world, the girl is the owner of a perfect body and seductive forms. Looking at the photos of Emily, you might think that she disappears from morning till night in the gym and follows a strict diet. But this is not the case. Ratajkowski does not recognize fitness, rejects diets and adheres to the only principle - everything should be in moderation.

Diet: balanced food and goodies according to mood

Emily tries to eat a balanced menu that has everything : proteins, carbohydrates and fats. She usually starts the morning with a cup of coffee and her favorite pastries, reminiscent of a croissant, only much more greasy. Afternoon - light lunch, salad or sandwich. All this can be seasoned with fresh vegetable juice. In the evening, Ratajkowski does not set himself limits. This can be sushi, Italian pasta or homemade dinner.

Emily loves to create in the kitchen and tries to do it as often as possible. She often cooks herself, so she monitors the amount of salt, sugar and spices that go into the dish. The supermodel does not hide that she loves to eat meat. According to her, she will not sit over a plate of ordinary salad. Among other things, Ratajkowski carefully monitors the body's water balance.

In the evenings, Ratajkowski often comes out and is quite calm about a couple of cocktails or a glass of wine. But why does she have a flat stomach and glowing skin with such nutrition?

No gyms or diets. How the model Emily Ratajkowski manages to maintain a chiseled figure

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No gyms or diets. How the model Emily Ratajkowski manages to maintain a chiseled figure

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Walking and yoga instead of exercise equipment

It's worth noting that Ratajkowski is damn lucky with genes. She went to her mother, who, at 67 years old, retained a fit figure. This is partly why a girl can afford not to disappear all day in the fitness center. But this does not mean that the model does not devote time to keeping in shape at all.

Free Emily prefers to be distracted and relaxed from work, so she looks for activities that would be not only useful, but also fun. Living in warm California, Ratajkowski often takes long walks in nature.

The girl admits that in the gym he can work out productively only in half the cases. On groupsDuring her training sessions, she gets distracted and starts chatting. The top model loves dance classes because the music helps her focus.

In addition to walking and dancing, Ratajkowski does yoga once a week. Here, perhaps, is the whole set of activities for taking care of the figure. Emily prefers to work out in the evening: it helps relieve stress after a hectic day and fall asleep well without sleeping pills.

Balance of mind and body

Ratajkowski believes that the main thing is to stay in harmony with yourself. If you want to order Thai cuisine and eat your fill while sitting on the couch in front of the TV, you shouldn't deny yourself this. True, then you have to curb the ardor so as not to gain pounds.

To relax, Emily does not meditate, but follows a few simple rules. It limits time on social media and filters information from outside. The girl sits on Instagram for only an hour a day and turns off notifications. Now the model is writing a series of essays - creative activity helps her escape from the hustle and bustle. Sometimes Ratajkowski stays at home in the evenings, preferring tranquility to social events and parties.

Heredity plays a big role the role is in great shape Emily, so her beauty recipe is not for everyone. But a couple of tips from the model can still be helpful. Combine business with pleasure while enjoying physical activity, stay out of the box and listen to yourself.

No gyms or diets. How the model Emily Ratajkowski manages to maintain a chiseled figure

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No gyms or diets. How the model Emily Ratajkowski manages to maintain a chiseled figure

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