No gym and strict diets. How the founder of stretching studios Anna Kanyuk lost 12 kg

Weight loss has always been a hot topic for girls of our time. Someone sits on exhausting diets, someone spends all their free time in the gym. There are really many ways to lose weight nowadays. But the founder of the TOPSTRETCHING Anna Kanyuk stretching studios decided not to resort to harsh measures and lose weight for a long time, but reasonably - so that the weight does not return anymore. Here's how the girl did it.

No gym and strict diets. How the founder of stretching studios Anna Kanyuk lost 12 kg

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To lose weight by 12 kg, it took the girl three whole years: for the first time she thought about losing weight in 2014 and saw a joyful result in 2017. True, Anna was never complete, but she was far from the dream figure from the beginning.

The girl immediately hoped for a long-term result, not intending to lose a dozen kilograms in a month. And before taking action, she made a list of bad habits, promising herself to get rid of at least one every week. The habits were as follows: stoop, smoking, constantly throwing one leg over the other. Anna also began to chew food more thoroughly, do two workouts a week and walk more.

Getting up at seven in the morning

Of course, the most important factor in losing weight is proper sleep patterns. Anna admitted that she went to bed at any time, but the rise had to take place at exactly seven in the morning. Thus, the body remembers certain waking hours, so there is no need for an alarm clock. Still, health experts believe that healthy sleep should last at least six hours, preferably all eight.

No gym and strict diets. How the founder of stretching studios Anna Kanyuk lost 12 kg

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Change of taste habits and regular sports

Anna resorted to a separate nutrition system. She is sure that it can exist without fanaticism. Buzzard's main task was to separate food from drink. In her opinion, it contributes to the good functioning of the stomach and intestines, helps the body and skin to be healthy. At the moment, the girl eats five times a day. She does not exclude bread from the diet, but chooses only a high-quality, whole grain product.

Of course you can't do without regular sports. The girl is engaged in boxing three times a week and occasionally plays football. And, raOf course, she doesn't forget about her favorite stretching!

Sports during pregnancy

In 2018, Anna gave birth to a daughter, so the relief shape had to be restored. However, it turned out to be not so difficult, since the girl did not quit sports even in a special life period. Only in the first trimester of pregnancy was it really hard for her: no activity, and the desire to constantly sleep is huge. And doctors strictly recommend not exercising in the first months.

But then Kanyuk I returned with pleasure to classes and did it in such a way that three days before giving birth I still went to individual training. This is probably why the girl did not gain much weight during the entire period of pregnancy.

No gym and strict diets. How the founder of stretching studios Anna Kanyuk lost 12 kg

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All of these principles work great together. But according to Anna, the main thing in achieving the desired goal is not to despair and remain optimistic in any situation.

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