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No dinner or breakfast: the never-ending diet of Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell is timeless - the supermodel, who recently celebrated her 50th birthday, looks much the same as she did 30 years ago. She is still popular, starring in advertising campaigns and for fashion magazines, going on the catwalk, showing the same chiseled figure. Apart from exercise, her main know-how is her unusual diet. At first, looking at the strict restrictions that Black Panther adheres to, it might seem that following such a diet requires great sacrifice and strict discipline. However, judging by numerous interviews, Campbell simply listens to the body and does not go against his own desires.

No dinner or breakfast: the never-ending diet of Naomi Campbell

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Personal Chef

Naomi has been using Personal Chef Sean John for over 10 years. The chef said that Campbell is a vegetarian and he cooks for her once a day. It is always fresh, healthy food. In addition, I prepare food for her on the plane, she does not recognize standard meals on board. When she orders at my restaurants, she never looks at the menu. Simply says: Cook something, but not from the menu, so cooking for her is always a creative process, - shared Sean's secrets.

Campbell became a vegetarian about six years ago - she tried it and got involved. The model admits that such a diet gives her more energy and lightness.

Water and tea in the morning

Naomi's morning on a workday starts at 5:00 and not with coffee at all - she does not carries its smell. Instead, she drinks a glass of hot water with lemon and probiotics and, if she wants, a cup of green or herbal tea.

One meal a day

Naomi tries not to eat after 8pm. Lunch for her is both breakfast and dinner, since the model eats once a day. But if Campbell goes out with friends in the evening, he can afford something light. She prefers salad and vegetables for lunch, and sometimes just drinks juice.

No dinner or breakfast: the never-ending diet of Naomi Campbell

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Fasting days

Campbell quite often arranges fasting days for himself ... I do not starve myself, but eat when I feel like eating. If I feel like skipping food all day, I just drink water or juice. I focus on my feelings. In the heat, sometimes I don't want anything but juice, but I don't plan fasting days in advance. I don't have to eat for one day or two, or a whole week, depending on my mood, ”Naomi says.

Lots of water and smoothies

Water, water and more water. Campbell carefully monitors the water balance and drinks several liters of water a day. She replaces standard snacks with healthy smoothies, which give her a boost of energy. Every day the star drinks two or three green smoothies, as well as chamomile or mint tea.

No dinner or breakfast: the never-ending diet of Naomi Campbell

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Banned Foods

Campbell’s banned list includes dairy and gluten in addition to meat, and she does not touch alcohol. and not out of urgent need. Sometimes he can eat something from fast food, and from sweet - a bar of chocolate. But in general, he tries to avoid sugar.


The supermodel tries to eat as little salt as possible, but loves other spices. According to her chef, Naomi prefers subtle and thoughtful flavor combinations. Just salt and pepper the dish is not enough, you need to find a balance between spices and herbs.

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