Anti Cellulite Cupping Massage

No cellulite: why else do you need a cupping massage and how to do it at home

Cellulite worries millions of women around the world. He does not spare either young girls, or mature women, or fit babies, or sweet lovers. You can disappear in gyms all day, but the insidious orange peel will still stay with you - you need a special approach to it. One of the most effective remedies is vacuum massage. We will tell you how it works and how to massage with cans at home.

No cellulite: why else do you need a cupping massage and how to do it at home

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Why is vacuum massage so effective

In some areas of the body, adipose tissue is unevenly distributed and forms tubercles , simply because the blood circulation in these places is less active. Hence the main problem areas are the buttocks, hips and abdomen. The modern lifestyle of sedentary work and constant stress only spurs the appearance of cellulite. But besides this, there are other unfavorable factors, starting with malnutrition and ending with hormonal disruptions and ecology.

Anyway, cellulite is a completely normal and natural phenomenon. But if you want to get rid of it, vacuum massage will help you. This is a special technique that creates a pressure drop across the skin. This procedure accelerates blood flow, improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the skin, stimulates cell renewal and lymphatic drainage. Due to this, fatty deposits are broken down and swelling goes away, collagen production is activated, which improves skin elasticity. In addition, this procedure is useful for muscle pain, for example, after physical exertion.

It should be noted that vacuum massage is not suitable for everyone. He has a fairly large list of contraindications, which includes skin diseases, varicose veins, hypertension, thrombophlebitis, diseases of the cardiovascular system, damage to the skin, chronic infections, pregnancy, cancer, etc. Therefore, you should consult your doctor before performing the procedure.

No cellulite: why else do you need a cupping massage and how to do it at home


How to do cupping massage at home

There are several types of vacuum massage. Most of them can only be done in the salon using special devices. For example, vacuum-roller massage (inside the can there are special rollers that enhance the effect), hardware (carried out with a special device that alternates high and low pressure) or laser-vacuum (combines vacuum with exposure to laser beams) will not work at home.

No cellulite: why else do you need a cupping massage and how to do it at home

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Cupping massage for manyfamiliar from childhood - often mothers and grandmothers put banks on their backs for colds. Although today there are not only glass, but also rubber and silicone variations, with which you can do massage not only in the salon, but also at home. The main thing is to follow some simple rules.

Preparing the skin

Before the procedure, you need to warm up the skin in those places that you are going to process. If you wish, you can take a hot bath, go to the bathhouse, or rub your skin with heated oil for a few minutes. Moreover, it should be applied in any case to protect the skin from damage. Oils that stimulate blood and lymph flow, such as patchouli, rosemary or dill, are best. You can also use an anti-cellulite cream in addition to the oil.

No cellulite: why else do you need a cupping massage and how to do it at home



Do not forget about forbidden places, where you should never do vacuum massage. These are the areas under the knees, the upper part of the inner thigh and the groin area. Lymph nodes are located here, and if they are damaged, lymph flow can be disrupted. Also, the stop zones include the chest and heart area.

Massage lines

Massage should be performed in smooth circular movements, without pressing on the jar or lifting it from skin. Legs should be processed from bottom to top, starting just above the knee, buttocks - from the center to the outer borders, stomach - clockwise.

Take your time

Don't rush will double the effect of the massage, but on the contrary, it will only harm. The jar will begin to slip, and bruises may appear in addition. Also, do not stay in one place for a long time: if you leave the suction cup motionless for more than three seconds, a bruise is definitely guaranteed. No need to rush, but count the crows too. Mindfulness and concentration are important in this matter.

No cellulite: why else do you need a cupping massage and how to do it at home



Each zone needs to be processed 3-4 minutes on average. After a while, you will adjust and understand which duration is right for you. It is necessary to take a break of 1-2 days between the procedures so that the skin and capillaries can recover. One course lasts 10-15 sessions, and the results will become noticeable after the first five. 2-3 courses are enough per year, and for prevention, massage can be done once every 2 weeks.

No cellulite: why else do you need a cupping massage and how to do it at home

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However, it is important to understand that cupping massage is not a panacea. It will help fight cellulite and tone the skin, but a slim figure can only be achieved with the help of sports and proper nutrition.

How to Use Cupping Therapy from Home

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