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No bans: what is the secret of the harmony of the singer Glucose

Natalia Ionova-Chistyakova , known under the musical pseudonym Glucose , never ceases to delight fans with excellent physical shape. To maintain tone and maintain proportions, the singer adheres to a few simple principles.

No bans: what is the secret of the harmony of the singer Glucose

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The singer is sure that 70% of a good figure is due to her work, not genetics.

Yoga is an internal development

The artist's favorite activity - yoga. According to the singer, her husband encouraged her to take classes. Natalia's instagram often contains shots in which spouses perform unusual asanas together. This sport is called acroyoga and combines elements of acrobatics and yoga.

Glucose admitted that at first such sports practice seemed boring and monotonous to her, but over time the star began to get real pleasure from the process. The artist sincerely believes that yoga not only transforms the body, but also inspires, makes the world feel differently.

Balance in training

The singer always maintains balance in training: she listens to her feelings and state, follows her internal biorhythms. She also says that sometimes she can oversleep or skip a class, but this happens extremely rarely.

In addition to yoga, Natalia has been practicing Pilates for a long time, and also regularly performs functional and strength training. Of course, the girl loves practices most of all and considers them a philosophy of life, but she also considers classes in the hall to be necessary.

Do not deny yourself anything

The singer opposes restrictions on food and advises to always listen to the needs of the body. And despite his love for desserts, Glucose still prefers to eat right. Vegetables, fruits, herbs, seafood and white meat form the basis of the star's diet. The singer prefers red meat less, but does not completely abandon it. The main thing for Natalia is a varied diet.

Also, the artist refused products containing gluten and dairy components. This makes her feel more comfortable and easy, she says.

While on tour it is quite difficult to observe such a diet, therefore Glucose always carries a small set for a snack with him. It includes a variety of dried fruits, nuts, seasonal berries and fruits, carrots and cucumbers cut into strips. Of course, the performer does not forget to drink enough water per day.

No bans: what is the secret of the harmony of the singer Glucose

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Rest is the best time to train

When on tour many of the celebrity's habits are changing. Still, the singer tries to go in for sports at least three times a week, despite numerous rehearsals. The eventful Moscow rhythm of life and fatigue can also sometimes disrupt the systematic nutrition and training.

That is why during the holidays Glucose devotes most of his time to sports. She does yoga every day, changing the level of difficulty of the exercises, and even introduces children to this practice. So Natalia restores balance and strength.

Regularly posting photos on her Instagram, the artist does not only tracks the results, but also motivates the audience to improve.


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