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Nike was suspected of being racist over sneakers. They immediately became legendary

Sports brands often find themselves in unpleasant situations associated with the release of new collections. The most common claims arise on the basis of political or ethnic conflicts. Recently Nike unwittingly reminded Americans of the times of slavery and came under a barrage of criticism.

The new Air Max 1 Quick Strike sneaker launched for US Independence Day had every chance of success. However, one important detail played a significant role in the scandal that erupted.

The fact is that on the heel of each shoe there is an old US flag with 13 stars, the so-called Betsy Ross flag, instead of the modern flag with 50 stars.

Betsy Ross is the seamstress who, according to legend, sewed the first American flag in 1776. Many Americans perceive the flag as a relic and do not see anything wrong with it, but recently it has become associated with racism. Using it, last year, members of the Ku Klux Klan recruited new members of the organization.

Naturally, fans of the brand did not ignore this situation and found in this element a reference to the days of slavery in the country.

That is, Nike is using a flag that fluttered when slavery was still going on ... not a good move at all, - wrote under the Sneaker News post in which the model was presented.

Professional athletes did not support the company either. According to The Wall Street Journal, even the Nike Ambassador, American football player Colin Kapernick , said that only racists can support the sneaker release.

By the way, Colin is the cause of the past Nike scandal. The fact is that he became the face of the brand after he refused to stand up during the performance of the American anthem in protest against racial discrimination in the United States and excessively cruel, in his opinion, police treatment of African Americans. Then Nike's decision to make a football player its ambassador drew criticism from patriotic Americans. The hashtag #BoycottNike began to gain popularity on the web, under which users began to upload photos and videos of them burning the brand's sneakers.

Returning to the resonance surrounding the release of sneakers, Governor of Arizona Doug Ducy announced on Twitter, that he is giving up government support for the brand (Nike was planning to open a $ 184 million plant in Arizona).

As a result, Nike had to stop selling the Air Max 1 Quick Strike Fourth of July on July 2.

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