Neymar in pink. How other football players experimented with hair

With every successful tackle, goal or decisive pass, the players are ready to shout: Well, how do you like that ?. And this mannerism often manifests itself not only on the field. Professional athletes are individuals who are often prone to demonstration and outrageousness. Almost every famous player has a personal hairdresser and stylist, and their haircuts are a great way to express themselves.

A few days ago, the Brazilian striker Neymar entered the field with a new hairstyle. This is not the first time a footballer has dyed his hair, but this time it is pink. With a bold decision, he immediately attracted the attention of journalists, photographers and fans. And we, in turn, tell you about other equally bright and unusual hairstyles of football players.

Ronaldo's ridiculous haircut at the 2002 World Cup

Another Brazilian who is not afraid of change. At the 2002 World Cup, the striker impressed all the fans with a bright and, to be honest, somewhat ridiculous haircut.

Ronaldo's hairstyle immediately caused a lot of jokes in his direction, but the football player silenced critics with his technical play. He became the top scorer of the tournament, and the Brazilian national team lifted the coveted trophy over their heads for the fifth time.

Paul Pogba's flamboyant style

French footballer Paul Pogba has always been famous for his ability to choose striking images. He changes his hair even more often than he creates chances on the football field. It is this style and charisma that allows the Frenchman to remain popular and win the attention of fans.

Pogba not only dyes his hair in all sorts of colors, but also often shaves the patterns on his temples. Several times the footballer depicted his own initials there, apparently to always be in the spotlight.

Neymar in pink. How other football players experimented with hair

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Neymar in pink. How other football players experimented with hair

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Marouane Fellaini with Mickey Mouse hairstyle

In March 2018, footballer Fellaini impressed fans by experimenting with his famous Afro-hair. When the Belgian posted a photo of the new look, it became clear that he had changed his image for filming in GQ Style magazine. The stylists gathered Marouane's hair in two voluminous buns and dyed it in burgundy. The midfielder's new hairstyle made him look like a famous cartoon Persianonage of Mickey Mouse.

Colored Iroquois Djibril Cisse

Former French striker Djibril Cisse, who once played for the Kuban, announced his retirement in 2017. He was distinguished by a special approach to the choice of hairstyle. Cobwebs, mohawks, black and white stars, African patterns - it seems that Cisse scoffed on his own hair as best he could. A distinctive feature of many of the athlete's hairstyles was the color belonging to the club.

Playing as Panathinaikos, Jibril grew green mohawk, having visited QPR - blue. In the Kuban, for some reason, the Frenchman wore black on his head. Only in Liverpool did his head look like that of a normal person. Even now, the footballer has not abandoned traditions and dyed his hair blue.

Neymar in pink. How other football players experimented with hair

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Neymar in pink. How other football players experimented with hair

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Mass action of the Romanian national team in 1998

At the group At the 1998 World Cup stage, the Romanian national team in full force demonstrated what teamwork is. The footballers decided to dye their hair white in order to prolong the success and not scare off the fortune. However, the mass action was not crowned with success. The Romanian national team played the last match of the group with Tunisia, barely achieving a draw, and in the very first round of the playoffs they were eliminated, losing to Croatia.

Neymar in pink. How other football players experimented with hair

Photo: Shaun Botterill / Allsport

Ivan Perisic's patriotism

One of the leaders of the Croatian national team Ivan Perisic in 2016 did a peculiar hairstyle before the 1/8 finals match Europe vs. Portugal national team. The Bayern player dyed his hair the famous Croatian red and white checkers. Perhaps this was one of the ways to overshadow the greatness of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Punk rock by Fredrik Ljungberg

The Swedish footballer Fredrik Ljungberg, who recently served as head coach of London's Arsenal, did not have a spectacular game on the field. However, his pink and purple punk hairstyle will certainly be remembered by many.

Neymar in pink. How other football players experimented with hair

Photo: Phil Cole / Getty Images

Neymar in pink. How other football players experimented with hair

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