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New to Savasana: 15 Awkward Yoga Questions and Answers

Not always at the first yoga lesson everything is simple and clear. A confused look, stupor and embarrassment. Do you recognize yourself? Then we have good news. We answered 15 questions that you were embarrassed to ask your coach.

Why is yoga useful?

Yoga is a great way to distract yourself from problems and get rid of unnecessary thoughts. It helps to know yourself both externally and internally. Already in the first lessons, you will take a big step towards mastering your body and controlling your breathing. In addition, like all physical exercises, yoga allows you to keep your muscles in good shape.

New to Savasana: 15 Awkward Yoga Questions and Answers

Photo: Valeria Shugurin, Championship

What are asanas?

In the original sources, asana is understood as a comfortable and pleasant position of the body, but to say that this is really so is to lie. For a beginner yoga, bends and bends are a rather unpleasant thing. However, it is believed that the asana will truly become comfortable when your body is completely relaxed and your mind is focused on the infinite. Secretly, even the most experienced yogis cannot always do this.

Life hack: the impression that the first yoga class will make on you is also important. The atmosphere and general mood during the yoga session determines whether you continue this path or not. This summer, anyone can attend a rooftop yoga session by Roxy absolutely free of charge. Registration opens on Thursdays at 17:00 - look for the link here . Classes are held every Monday, starting at 20:00 on the observation deck of the main entrance of Gorky Park.

What about namaste?

Namaste is a gesture that means that there is a divine principle in every person , and it is located in the heart chakra. To perform namaste correctly, fold your palms together at chest level, lower your eyes and tilt your head forward. It is not necessary to speak namaste during this action. This gesture in yoga is recommended to start and end the lesson.

New to Savasana: 15 Awkward Yoga Questions and Answers

Photo: Valeria Shugurin, Championship

Can I practice without an instructor?

Yes. In a global sense, yoga is a way of life. It involves rethinking your principles and habits. Perceiving yoga as a set of asanas, you reduce its importance. Of course, you can do the video tutorial exercises, but be prepared for difficulties. Firstly, you need to independently choose the necessary equipment (mat, belt, block, etc.), and secondly, you need to monitor the exercise very carefully, preferably in front of a mirror, because there is no instructor nearby who will help you avoid injuries .

When should you meditate?

Meditative practice is present in many areas of yoga. You will be surprised, but you can meditate even when you are washing dishes or taking a shower. Monotonous work is great for airing your mind. Many people like to practice meditationbefore and after yoga.

New to Savasana: 15 Awkward Yoga Questions and Answers

Photo: Valeria Shugurin, Championship

What to do if it doesn't work?

Don't despair. Yoga takes years of practice, and failure is a step towards success. Try to catch the rhythm of your breathing and do the exercises in time with it. Take your time, stay in one asana longer, and if it's very difficult, simplify your task. It is possible that when you turn your heel or knee a couple of centimeters to the right or left, it will feel much easier for you. Feeling your body is exactly what yoga requires of you.

Is it necessary to do yoga with music?

Music is a matter of taste, but it has a certain effect on our body. For example, it is difficult to think negatively when an encouraging, pleasant melody is playing around. We recommend trying to work with music and without, only in this way you will understand what is right for you.

What music is better for yoga?

Here again, everything is individual and depends on your goals ... For example, hard rock and energetic fitness music is better not to use at all, since yoga is not about speed. To cheer up, you can choose classical music, art-rock or an alternative, electronic music without drums is good for meditation, ethnic music and mantras for static asanas, nature sounds for relaxation.

New to Savasana: 15 Awkward Yoga Questions and Answers

Photo: Valeria Shugurin, Championship

Is it necessary for yoga to be flexible?

Probably not, than yes. Each asana has several variations depending on your level of training. You can start with the easiest step and gradually increase the load.

When I fall asleep at the end of a workout, is this shavasana?

Not really. Savasana is more than sleeping on the floor. More precisely, it is a state between sleep and wakefulness. The purpose of shavasana is to relax and release feelings of tiredness and anxiety. For this asana, the correct position of the body is important: hands along the body, palms to the ceiling, heels at a distance of 5 cm from each other, the face looks straight at the ceiling. But more important is that you feel comfortable. Therefore, if you did everything according to the instructions, but you feel discomfort, change the position and bring the asana to the ideal.

When is it better to do it - in the morning or in the evening?

There is no time in yoga that is ideal suits everyone. Choose those hours when nothing bothers you. It is best if you do not feel sleepy and tired. It is important not to forget about the diet before and after classes. Choosing morning practice, try not to have a very hearty breakfast. You should not eat an hour and a half before class and an hour after.

Do athletes also do yoga?

Yes, many athletes use yoga as a workout. Among them, the gold medalist in complex swimming at the games in Atlanta Mark Henderson, gymnast Lilia Podkopayeva and even the founder of the Bikram Yoga direction Bikram Chudhuri, who is the Olympic weightlifting champion.

New to Savasana: 15 Awkward Yoga Questions and Answers

Photo: Valeriy Shugurin, Championship

What kind of clothing do you need?

The one you are comfortable in. It is better to choose a tight-fitting shape, in it you can easily stretch and not get confused. Try to avoid fasteners, Velcro - they can crush and chafe. No shoes are needed for exercise. A pair of socks or slates will be enough to get to the rug and back.

Do I need to buy my own rug? Is it hygienic to practice on a public rug?

It is not necessary to buy your own rug if you practice in the studio. If you care about hygiene, you can purchase a special disinfectant spray that is suitable for cleaning all surfaces. Sometimes the studios themselves offer you to use this. However, if you do decide to purchase your own equipment, remember that fitness and yoga mats are different from each other. Make sure you buy exactly what you need.

New to Savasana: 15 Awkward Yoga Questions and Answers

Photo: Valeria Shugurin, Championship

Where to learn yoga if you want to learn it from the inside?

India, Bali and the island of Ko Samui in Thailand are best suited for yoga practice. There you can find very atmospheric yoga studios located in the mountains or by the ocean.

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