Runners Attempt Eliud Kipchoge’s World Record Marathon Pace

New record in marathon running. He could not be beaten for 16 years

On October 13, at the Chicago Marathon, a 25-year-old athlete from Kenya Bridget Cosgei achieved the main success in her career - she won the race with a score of 2: 14.04, thereby breaking the world record of British Paula Radcliffe . He remained indestructible for 16 years. This event once again proves that at the moment Kenya is the best country in the preparation and education of future champions.

Who is Bridget Cosgey?

The athlete was born on February 20, 1994 in Kenya. Since childhood, she was fond of sports, especially running. This is not surprising, because it is in this country that true athletics legends grow, such as Eliud Kipchoge, who a few days earlier set a new historical record in the marathon distance.

They started talking seriously about the young athlete quite recently. The athlete's professional performances started at the age of 22, when she first took part in the 42.2 km race. Until this moment, Bridget did not compete in any competition at shorter distances. She now has nine marathons on her account, and in eight of them she was in the top 2, including Chicago 2017 and London 2018. A truly fantastic result. Moreover, Kosgei is among the top 7 runners in the history of the marathon and in the top 11 in the half marathon. By the age of 25, the Kenyan is considered the most promising marathon in the world, and she proves this title over and over again.

New record in marathon running. He could not be beaten for 16 years

Eliud Kipchoge. Why is he a legend, even if his record is not counted?

The first person in history to run a marathon in less than two hours.

New record in marathon running. He could not be beaten for 16 years

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To achieve such incredible results, it was necessary from an early age to form their own sports form and each time to increase the inherent potential. Kenya is the perfect place for this. There are very embossed and hard roads here, along which athletes have to jog, because there are very few equipped stadiums in the state. The climate is hot, but optimal for training. Thanks to these geographical features of the country, athletes manage to improve not only their muscles, but also the respiratory system. Bridget Cosgei was constantly training, running from village to village, from home to school and back. So she began to adapt her body for long-distance races, which certainly helps her a lot.

Record results: how much will Kosgei run a half marathon?

BRigit Kosgei deliberately approached the Chicago marathon. She was preparing to become a leader and was confident that she could make her name in the history of athletics. The Kenyan woman showed her physical form to the public a month ago as part of the Great North Run half marathon. The event became a real sensation, as the athlete won the race with the fastest result for women 1: 04.28. As the experts said, in training, Kosgei was lightning fast. Success at the Great North Run is a serious claim for future records.

Running shoes helped break the record

Many people think that it is all about ultra-light running shoes, which are estimated to give an advantage of 60- 90 seconds over the competition. This is not entirely fair given that the IAAF rulebook states that: Shoes must not be designed to provide athletes with any unfair help or advantage - and any type of shoe used must be accessible to all in the spirit of athletics versatility. However, world athletics president Seb Coe does not consider this a pressing problem and even hints that he is not indifferent to this new technology.

New record in marathon running. He could not be beaten for 16 years

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Chicago Marathon 2019 - no one believed

I can run even faster, - these were the words of the youngest marathon champion in history after her victory. The morning in Chicago on October 13 was really crazy. Bridget Cosgei not only broke Paula Radcliffe's 16-year-old record, but also came to the finish line of the marathon with a large margin, ahead of her closest rival Ababel Yeshaneh by a full 6 minutes.

New record in marathon running. He could not be beaten for 16 years

Chicago Marathon 2019. Why is this race called legendary?

Four world records, tough selection of participants and a mesmerizing route in the heart of the metropolis.

Undoubtedly , even before the start of the race, most sports analysts assumed that the Kenyan woman would be able to compete with competitors for the leading position. However, no one would have thought that a new world record would be set. After finishing the marathon, Kosgei left the audience in shock as the final score of 2: 14.04 seemed impossible.

Her emotions are understandable. However, Bridget herself is not going to stop at this success, considering this record only an intermediate time: I think 2 hours and 10 minutes is a completely understandable result for women. I'm focused on shortening the time again.

New record in marathon running. He could not be beaten for 16 years

How did the 71-year-old grandma break the world record in the half marathon?

Now we will cheer for herat the race in Berlin.

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