New norm. How much should a man and a woman weigh now at their age?

Every person at least once in his life wondered how much he should weigh. Someone worries about this every day. It is clear that there cannot be one specific answer to this question, because each person has his own ideal individual weight. This is influenced by height, gender, fat-to-muscle ratio, body type, and a tendency to chronic diseases.

Still, there are various tables that allow us to systematize our knowledge and bring it to the desired form. And also new studies that lead to very interesting conclusions about the ideal weight for men and women. There is a new normality here, too.

New norm. How much should a man and a woman weigh now at their age?

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Lorenz's formula

One of the most famous ways to find out how much you should weigh man, is the Lorenz method. Ease of use is not the only advantage of this method. The concept of ideal body weight is always relative, but the obvious advantage of the Lorentz formula is that it allows you to get an indicator close to much more complex formulas.

New norm. How much should a man and a woman weigh now at their age?


Basically, you don't even need to look for a calculator to apply the Lorentz formula. All calculations can be done in the mind. The formula looks like this: X - 100 - (X - 150) / 2; where X is the numerical value of growth taken in centimeters.

For example, your height is 176 cm. First, subtract 100 from the number X and get 76. Then, subtract 150 from X, and divide the resulting value by two. (176-150) / 2 = 13. And we count the difference between the first and the second: 76-13 = 63. So with a height of 176 cm, the normal weight of a person should be 63 kg.

There is an even more simplified Lorentz formula, where you need to subtract 25 from half of the height taken in centimeters. For simplicity of calculation, take the height 180 cm. 180/2 - 25 = 65. With a height of 180 cm, you should weigh 65 kg.

New norm. How much should a man and a woman weigh now at their age?

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Advanced weight calculation method

However, the Lorenz method does not take into account such important parameters, as body type, age and more. For this, more advanced techniques are used. According to the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co, the ideal body weight is calculated taking into account three body types: asthenics, normostenics and hypersthenics.

Asthenics have narrow bones, long limbs and a thin layer of subcutaneous fat. In normostenics, anatomical features approach the averaged parameters of the norm. Hypersthenics, as a rule, have short stature and well-developed muscles.

According to this table, in menasthenics with a height of 180 cm, the ideal weight varies between 65-69 kg. In normostenics - 67-74 kg, in hypersthenics it can be close to 80 kg. For women, take a height of 170 cm.With such indicators, for women-asthenics, the ideal weight should be in the region of 53-57 kg, and for more powerful hypersthenics it can reach 67 kg.

The difference of 10 kg with the same height is significant. So when evaluating a figure, it is necessary to take into account not only bare numbers, but rely on a number of other indicators. You can be thin, but because of the muscles you weigh more than a person who clearly loves to eat at first sight.

New norm. How much should a man and a woman weigh now at their age?

And what changes from age?

Of course, another important factor is a person's age. There is a table according to the data of Egorov and Levitsky, which systematizes and shows the relationship between the age and weight of a man and a woman.

So, a man aged 20 to 29 years with a height of 180 cm should weigh 85 kg. A woman with the same initial data - 80 kg. If we take a man aged 30 to 39 years with a height of 170 cm, we get an estimated body weight of 77.7 kg. For women of the same age and height, the weight should be 75 kg.

New norm. How much should a man and a woman weigh now at their age?

You are probably surprised by such data, especially for women parts. But according to research, modern women weigh on average 6 kg more than 20 years ago. And if we talk about men and women together, the average person began to weigh 5 kg more than before.

Poor metabolism and even ecology play a role here. Actually, the main reason for obesity and hunger is the same - unhealthy diet.

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