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New life from the New Year: minus 200 kg for two

Many fitness experts believe that in order to lose weight, it is important to have strong support: a person with whom you can exercise, start eating right and motivate each other to achieve success. And even if you are too lazy to go to the gym, your friend will certainly make you get off the couch. Lexie and Danny Reed from Indiana have proven that this theory is true.

Lexi and Danny are the most common people in Indiana. They are husband and wife, Lexi is 27, Danny is 29, and the couple was overweight two years ago. However, faith in each other helped them not only to lose weight, but also to motivate others to do so.

Lexi Reed: It so happens that some of us are too lazy to go to workout. In this case, we force each other to go to the gym. We also cook together, set goals for ourselves, and the day after, pound by pound, we get closer to our goal.

New Year is a good reason to start a healthy lifestyle. This is what the couple thought and began their journey. The couple really wanted a child, but due to their excess weight it was difficult for them to have one. Then the couple decided to radically change their lives and become healthy. Thus began their path to a healthy lifestyle.

When they first started, Lexi weighed about 220 kilograms, Danny - 130 kg. As a result, Lexi was able to lose almost 140 kg and Danny lost 40 kg. We were just tired of the life we ​​were leading, so we decided to start exercising and eating right.

In order to preserve memories and perpetuate their achievements, the couple created an Instagram account. Now about 500,000 people have subscribed to their page, who, like their spouses, want to start exercising and eating right. Lexi and Danny have motivated many with their page. As Lexi admits, she did not expect that she and Danny could influence anyone. Her original goal was to be healthy.

Lexi says that the most difficult thing was to change the attitude to food.

When I weighed 220 kg, I never cooked. My husband and I went out to eat out almost every day, and if we cooked at home it was frozen pizza or some other junk food.

It was the preparation of healthy food that helped them stay on track. The couple prepared their own healthy meals and took them to work. Reeds also began to attend the gym.

The couple reached their goal, and together they were able to lose almost 200 kg. Lexi says that now she is very happy.

There are no words to explain the feeling when you save your own life. I'm no longer imprisoned in my own body... Instead of just being, I finally feel alive. Waking up every day is a blessing.

However, even now Lexi is sure that happiness is not depends on the size of the clothes. Danny proposed to her on one of the Florida beaches when she weighed 220 kg.

I got married when we weighed 220 kg, and it was one of the best days of my life. I married my best friend and didn't care about my weight at all. I was beautiful then, but now I am beautiful and healthy at the same time.

As Lexi admits Danny never asked her to change. He always made his wife feel beautiful.

This story shows the importance of finding good friend or girlfriend, husband or wife who will support you and motivate you to achieve your goal. Going in for sports with someone is always more fun and, moreover, more effective. Lexi and Danny loved each other despite being overweight. However, in order to become healthy, they began to exercise intensively.

The couple underlines, that they did not just go on a diet, but began a new healthy life. Although Lexi and Danny began their journey in the New Year, they are confident that there is no need to wait for the New Year, because you can change your life for the better from today!

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