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New horizons: how to conquer social media with stretching

At the Championship, voting continues for the most beautiful gymnastic stretching. We have selected 10 videos in which athletes demonstrate perfect splits and sometimes do it in very unusual conditions. We suggest you choose the video that impressed you the most.

  • Vote for the most spectacular stretch from professional gymnasts.

Today we will tell you more about the battle participant Daria Denisova - a girl who conquered social networks back in school and has now won the love of half a million subscribers. All this helped her to achieve amazing flexibility.

Split on the background of a mountain landscape

Now Daria is 17 years old. Over the years, she managed to try herself in big sports and quit after graduating from school. But this does not mean that the girl gave up stretching altogether. Now she works as a stretching trainer in Minsk and pleases her followers on Instagram and TikTok with her flexibility.

At the end of last year, Denisova came to Russia to relax at a ski resort in Sochi. And successfully complemented the beauty of local landscapes with fascinating tricks from acrobatics.

Here the athlete performs a difficult element - balance on the half fingers. In order to do it right, you need not only great stretching, but also the ability to maintain balance with the whole body. People who are far from gymnastics sometimes find it difficult to stand on one leg, not to mention the splits in this position and the need to throw their backs back. But Denisova, it seems, succeeds with enviable ease, besides against the background of a picturesque sunset in the mountains.

New horizons: how to conquer social media with stretching

She became famous for her splits ... Daria Denisova's stretching is watched by half a million people

The gymnast amazes with flexibility and acrobatics.

New horizons: how to conquer social media with stretching

Unbeatable flexibility. Gymnast Soldatova improves stretching even in quarantine

And the ability to sit on the twine helps her with household chores.

How did Daria Denisova become popular in TikTok?

Now Daria's page on TikTok is followed by more than 530 thousand people, and on Instagram - 7 thousand. However, the girl began to achieve success on social networks two years ago. Then she took the first line in the Belarusian top and surpassed other bloggers in the number of likes received per day. And soon some videos of the athlete began to gain more than a million views. By the way, Denisova does not at all consider creating sketches a difficult task. Sometimes it can be quite funny.

Probably, the attention of the audience was attracted by the girl's flexibility and her non-standard approach to gymnastic tricks. Denisova did not begin to replenish the endless collection of videos in which girls simply sit in the twine at home or in the gym - there is plenty of this on the Internet. The athlete added to herskills a drop of creativity and demonstrated stretching in completely different places and funny life situations.

New horizons: how to conquer social media with stretching


Although Denisova no longer does gymnastics professionally, the main content of her blog is impressive actrobatics, often filmed in slow motion to melodic or incendiary music. But now humorous sketches, dance numbers and even singing have been added to the twine videos.

We hope that along with the growing popularity, Daria will not forget about sports. After all, stretching is not only useful for maintaining good shape, but also simply beautiful.

Do you like the story of a young gymnast? Then choose the video of Daria Denisova in the voting for the most beautiful gymnastic stretching.

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