Russia: Putin says athletes free to compete under neutral Olympic flag

Neutral flag. Who and why performed under the Olympic symbols

On December 9, WADA deprived Russia of the right to participate in international competitions for four years, and also banned them from hosting them. This decision will affect not only the athletes, but also the supporters who support the athletes. At the moment, it is not known if the Russians will have the opportunity to go to major tournaments. Here are some other countries that had to compete at the Olympics without national symbols.

Olympic Games 1980 in Moscow

The XXII Summer Olympic Games in Moscow in 1980 were boycotted by a total of 68 countries, including including the United States, Germany and Canada. The protest was initiated by American President Jimmy Carter. The conflict was caused by the actions of the Soviet Union on the territory of Afghanistan. However, some states, although they supported the boycott, gave their athletes the right to decide whether to compete at the 1980 Olympics or not. This position was taken by Australia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain, Denmark, Ireland, Andorra, San Marino, France and Switzerland.

The winner in judo is the Italian Ezio Gamba, who has been the head coach of the Russian national team since 2008. this sport. Also on the podium in 1980 was the British runner Sebastian Coe - the current president of the International Association of Athletics Federations.

Winter and Summer Olympics 1992

Albertville came to the 1992 Winter Olympics in French the former Soviet national team, which was officially named the United Team. The collapse of the Soviet Union did not prevent the athletes from competing: they won nine gold medals in the overall standings, taking second place. The national team includes athletes from Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. When they were awarded, the Olympic flag was raised and the anthem of the competition was played.

That the same year at the Olympic Games in Barcelona due to UN sanctions against Yugoslavia, athletes were not allowed to participate in team sports, but agreed to admit individual athletes as independent Olympic participants. A total of 58 people in 13 sports performed under the Olympic flag. Sportsmen from the former republics of the USSR also took part in the Summer Games. However, this time 12 countries were included in the joint team. She won 45 gold medals and took first place. The main difference between the Winter Olympics and the Summer Olympics is that at the last one for each participant for victories in individual standings the flag of his country was raised to the national anthem.

Neutral flag. Who and why performed under the Olympic symbols

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Neutral flag. Who and why performed under the Olympic symbols

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Summer Olympics 2000

At the first Olympics of the XXI century, four athletes from the East Timor has performed as individual Olympic athletes. At this time, the country was in the process of gaining independence from Indonesia - they did not have a National Olympic Committee. Due to the lack of a legitimate government, full participation in the games became impossible.

Olympic Games in London

Four independent athletes from South Sudan were allowed to participate in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. The country seceded from Sudan in 2011 and did not have a National Olympic Committee at the time of the competition. One of the athletes, Guor Marial, took 47th place at the Games.

Three more athletes who performed at the Olympics under a neutral flag were representatives of the Netherlands Antilles. Athletes were allowed to participate either under the Olympic symbols or as representatives of the Netherlands and Aruba.

Neutral flag. Who and why performed under the Olympic symbols

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Neutral flag. Who and why performed under the Olympic symbols

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Winter Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi

Originally at the XXII Winter Olympics in 2014 in Sochi, athletes from India competed under the Olympic flag, and at the end - under the national one. The reason was that in December 2012 the IOC revoked the recognition of the Olympic Association of India. The election of the main team was held on the basis of the sports code of the government of the country, which is in violation of the IOC requirement for an autotomy of the Olympic Games. However, during the competition, the committee withdrew the statement of disqualification, and on February 16, the Indian flag was officially raised at the 2014 Olympic Games.

Summer Games in Brazil

A team of refugees from South Sudan, Syria, Democratic Republic of Congo and Ethiopia played under the Olympic flag at the 2016 Summer Games in Brazil. A total of ten athletes participated, but none of them showed high results.

Also, as a neutral team in Rio de Janeiro, they competed in clay pigeon shooting, swimming and fencingnine athletes from Kuwait. The National Olympic Committee of Kuwait was disbanded due to the interference of state authorities in the affairs of sports federations. Fahid al-Daihani, a Kuwaiti athlete, won the gold medal in the double trap discipline, and Abdullah al-Rashidi took the third place in the skete discipline.

Neutral flag. Who and why performed under the Olympic symbols

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