Top 10 Celebrities Before And After Photoshop

Natural trend. What stars look like without Photoshop

It's nice to know that fashion for naturalness is gaining popularity in the world. Hollywood stars and Russian media personalities are increasingly abandoning retouching and inspired stereotypes of appearance. Some of them are literally fighting for naturalness and trying to change the world of gloss. We tell you which popular artists and bloggers are not ashamed of shortcomings and can safely abandon digital processing of personal photos.

Lady Gaga

In 2013, at the Glamor Woman of the Year award ceremony, the singer criticized gloss policy on retouching the appearance on the magazine covers. Editing made her appearance in the pictures unnatural, and the artist did not like it. Of course, Gaga accepted the statuette, but she didn’t express gratitude from the stage, but remarks.

We can say that the singer reproached the magazine with hypocrisy. Because on its pages they write about the changes that are taking place in modern show business and society in relation to appearance, but at the same time they do not want to put a natural cover.

The artist also does not use photoshop on her Instagram, but she is rarely shown without makeup. But in 2018, on the cover of Vogue magazine, Gaga appeared before readers in a feminine and natural way, which was unusual for her. After all, she is used to stunning the audience with her makeup.


Advertising the H&M campaign also got the touch-up from the star. Beyoncé was outraged that she was made too thin and asked to return her curves. The company had to present the singer to the world as she is.

Beyoncé is definitely not shy about natural forms, even proud of them. Fans also love the singer without embellishment. True, several times she was still caught in Photoshop. Subscribers noticed that in vacation photos with her husband and rap artist Jay-Z, the singer made herself slimmer legs. The pictures were later removed.

Another scandal occurred when Beyoncé's portraits were leaked to the Internet. Skin imperfections were visible on them. This led users to believe that most of the other photographs of the singer, in fact, are being systematically retouched. However, she denies the use of digital face and body processing. Beyoncé says she just knows the rules of posing and uses good light to create her shots. We hope she's not being disingenuous.

At least in vacation photos in 2016 -m image artistka pleases the eye. She is dressed in a feminine dress and poses without makeup. You rarely see Beyoncé like that.

Natural trend. What stars look like without Photoshop

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Natural trend. What stars look like without Photoshop

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Cate Blanchett

Cate is an actress and laureate two Academy Awards. In 2018, she appeared on the cover of intelligent life magazine without retouching. Everyone was surprised how Blanchett was able to convince gloss editors to abandon principles and show the world a real person, and not a doll with an unnatural skin color.

The actress does not retouch personal photos either. And in pictures from social events, every mimic wrinkle remains in place.

Brad Pitt

The actor has repeatedly approached Chuck Close to shoot him for magazine covers. Collaborations between the photographer and the actor have appeared in W Magazine and Vanity Fair. Chuck is known for his unique author's style based on the principles of hyperrealism. The professional's raw images show the smallest flaws in the skin.

Pitt wanted to appear in front of fans like this what it is. The photo showed circles under the eyes, crow's feet and wrinkles, but the actor did not look worse from this. The author of the picture explained the unusual act of the star.


Russian and a Tajik singer, as well as the Dove brand ambassador, has been working on the Beauty Trauma project for several years. It is dedicated to the problem of ideals of appearance on the web. The artist believes that everyone should accept themselves, and most importantly, love their flaws.

Together with Dove, the singer launched another project - #Show Us. Its members advocate for feminine beauty without digital processing.

Natural trend. What stars look like without Photoshop

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Natural trend. What stars look like without Photoshop

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Tatyana Mingalimova

Tatyana is famous thanks to YouTube -channel Gentle editor and Girlfriend's project. The blogger also does not try to change his appearance using retouching.

In one of the interviews a girl admitted that maybe her skin is imperfect, but there is cosmetics for ethers. Mingalimova sincerely does not understand why changing facial features and natural shapes using digital processing.

Despite the fact that Tatiana posts photos without retouching on her Instagram, more than 200 thousand fans continue to follow the blogger. And in the spring of 2019, Mingalimova launched a flash mob, in which users of the social network posted personal pictures without processing with the hashtag #NezhnyeIzyany. Even Russian celebrities supported the idea.

Natural trend. What stars look like without Photoshop

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