Natalie Pashkoff: the most important thing is not to feel sorry for yourself

Natalie Pashkoff - coach, founder of the BarSisters website and social media groups dedicated to women's workout - told the Championship that it is important to take into account girls who are going to WorkOut training for the first time ...

- Natalie, how did you find out about the workout?
- To be honest, quite by accident. Three or four years ago, after jogging, I came to work out on the street. Push-ups, pull-ups - I've always loved that. And one of the guys on the court asked me if I know what a workout is. To which I replied: No, but what is it ?. There was a feeling that I was not aware of what was happening around me. I came home, googled and realized that workout is what I always wanted to do, but did not know what it was called.

Natalie Pashkoff: the most important thing is not to feel sorry for yourself

Photo: From the personal archive of Natalie Pashkoff

- Then training was organized for girls?
- When I just found out about workout, then for girls nothing was done. This surprised me a lot. There were female athletes who gave demonstrations, but there were no training sessions or competitions for girls. It seemed unfair to me. It is traditionally believed in our country that physical fitness is important for guys, but not for girls. But I considered it necessary to pay attention specifically to the girls' workouts, and especially for beginners. After all, many women want to do strength training on the street, but they just don't know where to start. At that time, even training videos on the Internet were aimed at guys who can already pull themselves up, do push-ups, and there was no suitable material for the girls. It seemed to me that the exercises for girls should be facilitated, because often their physical fitness is weaker. Of course, with regular training, progress appears, but you should start with something very simple.

- How many girls came to trainings?
- When I was training in Moscow Then quite a lot of girls with different levels of training came. There were those who could not even pull up once, and those who had already been involved in other sports before. Accordingly, their preparation was better, so I gave them more difficult tasks.

- It turns out that the exercises for girls and for men are different?
- No, the exercises are absolutely the same that guys use in training. But often they are performed not in their original form, but in a more lightweight form: either with the support of a partner, or with special rubber loops. Or are they slightly modified movements that teach the body to perceive a certain load, which will subsequently help to do the desired exercise.

- Do you have a favorite playground?
- To be honest, I don't care where to practice. The main thing is that there should be something similar to a horizontal bar and parallel bars. If we talk about the Moscow sites where we trained, the general training took place in the Park of the 50th anniversary of October near the Vernadsky Prospect metro station. There is contentbut a good site with everything you need. I liked that there are crossbars of different diameters. To train the grip, it is very useful to do exercises on a thick bar: it is more difficult to hold on to it and perform exercises.

- Do you think the women's workout is quite developed now?
- Now there are competitions for girls. When I first started practicing, there were no female categories. Then the women's categories began to appear - general physical training and freestyle. General physical training, that is, general physical fitness, included pull-ups, push-ups from the bars, from the floor - simple exercises for quantity and quality. In the Freestyle category, the girls show their skills during the allotted time (usually about two minutes). Also, Russian girls take part in the world championship every year. In terms of competition, everything became positive. And in terms of training for beginners girls things are still there.

- What is important for girls to take into account during training?
- I think the most important thing is not to feel sorry for yourself. It is a very rare case when a girl really does her best and achieves results. As a rule, girls have one feature: they feel sorry for themselves: I'm afraid I won't, I'll just sit next to it. This is what keeps them from doing strength training. Although it has long been proven that girls should pay more attention to power loads, and men, on the contrary, to stretching. After all, men are naturally stronger. Accordingly, they have a high risk of injury if they do not stretch their inflated muscles.

Women are more flexible, they are given better stretching, but there is also a risk of injury due to joint hypermobility. That is, you need some kind of framework that will support all this flexible beauty. I think workout is one of the coolest sports you can think of for a woman. Exercise affects the whole body and results appear much faster than other types of physical activity.

- What advice would you give to beginners?
- I would advise you to get acquainted with the 100-day workout first. The advantage of this program is that there are many descriptions, explanations, answers to questions that beginners have. A very simple program is given that can be performed even with a zero level of training, simply by adapting the exercises for yourself. It includes the main workout exercises - pull-ups, push-ups and squats. It is with this that you should start, because until a person learns to do good push-ups from the floor at least several times, he will not be able to push-ups from the bars.

Natalie Pashkoff: the most important thing is not to feel sorry for yourself

Photo: From the personal archive of Natalie Pashkoff

- How often should girls do?
- It depends on the state of health, on whether how accustomed she is to physical activity. If a girl hasn't been doing anything for 10 years and starts training abruptly, then this will not lead to anything goodgoing. I believe this issue needs to be addressed individually, depending on how you feel. At first, the main thing is not the result - it is important to accustom yourself to training, let the body get used to it and adapt to the stress. Then you can set goals for yourself. In the beginning, there should not be any global goals, at this stage there is only one task - to become healthier, fit, athletic.

- How important is nutrition during exercise?
- I believe that nutrition is 50 percent of success. Nutrition is very important. For example, I have a healthy diet - a lot of proteins, complex carbohydrates, necessarily fats. Very often, when girls go on a diet to lose weight, they eliminate fats. This should never be done, because fats are the brain, nerves, skin, hair, nails. This is the speed of reaction, thinking - this is health. You need to exclude carbohydrates, and simple ones - this is what is absorbed very quickly and raises blood sugar levels. It is enough to eliminate this, and the figure will become quite good, but with training, of course, the effect will be even better!

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