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My running trip: how to put things aside and go to a marathon

We have a tradition with the girls from the girl's running club Girl & Sole - every July we come to St. Petersburg for White Nights. For a marathon or 10K - it doesn't matter, it's important to come and run. Over the course of four years, this has become a pleasant ritual, the performance of which guarantees a wonderful running summer. It would seem that the weekend - three days - but give so much emotion! Running trips always bring new impressions, change your perception of the city and running.

My running trip: how to put things aside and go to a marathon

This year I had a responsible mission - my boyfriend signed up for his top ten, and I became his official guide to the world of amateur starts. I was responsible for organizing the trip and planning how we would spend our time in the city. In general, getting ready and going on a jogging trip is very simple - you need to quickly catch tickets (since this is the season of white nights, they fly like hot cakes), book a hostel, do not forget to take sneakers and enter into your hedonistic plans (and in St. Petersburg others, it seems , does not happen) time to run. Everyone can handle it!


10:30. We get off the train at Moskovsky railway station. It is better to come to any new city early - you can walk all Friday, get a room without queuing, find out all the details of the route and take your time. The weather is not exactly perfect, but after the Moscow rains it is not wet - already excellent. An SMS comes to the phone stating that from 10 am the start was postponed to 8 hours. Ooooh!

13:00. We receive numbers in the Mikhailovsky Manege - nothing is automated there, not at all like in Moscow. Smiling volunteer aunts give us envelopes with numbers and wish us a good start. Taking pictures in the manner of Bonnie and Clyde and wallowing on the red surface.

18:00. Eating the most delicious food (I want to eat my own hands), again discussing the race in general and the upcoming start, and after that we walk around the city with the guys, climb onto the roof and look at everything from a height.

23:55. We go out for a night run together. In general, it should be very romantic - darkness, streets illuminated by lanterns, but in the city on the Neva there are white nights, and we run through the light twilight, to the Theater of the Young Spectator, where skaters learn to do tricks, and back to Dostoevsky Street, choosing which some routes unknown to me before, we run along the embankment and past the settled houses, I keep a vigorous pace rather out of excitement.

00:30 Stretching-shower-bed-sleep!

My running trip: how to put things aside and go to a marathon


11:00 Running with the guys from the other running teams shake out run.

Shake out run is such a race when you can see the city on the run, and meet all your friends, and chat - an important moment for the community.

We will definitely stop for a photo on the way ( three times). Before the run, the guys from the host team - Mint running club - give us special jerseys, and after that we agree to meet in the evening and discussplan for next running season, dine and drink half a pint of cider. Although I immediately remember that I will run tomorrow, I decide not to ruin my plans and replace the cider with non-alcoholic beer.

Editor's Choice: freshen up with a glass of non-alcoholic beer Baltika 0 in pleasant company and do not postpone the fun until later, even if tomorrow you will have a run for the result.

15:00. Mom, I'm in New Holland, it's very beautiful here, there are children around me, I'm on top of a 7-meter wooden frigate, I climb it like a monkey. Probably, the funniest thing will now be to fall and not run anywhere. I dangle my legs in the cool water of the pond and meditate on the Firebird.

17:00. I photograph my running layout beautifully. Tomorrow morning I will not have time for this, and in the evening there will be bad light in the room. At the same time I prepare a running outfit for tomorrow: I check if everything is in place (this time everything is clear, but it happened that I forgot my socks and a T-shirt, once in winter, during the Half Marathon, the Road of Life forgot my hat and mittens - I had to run faster).

20:00. Eating pasta (at a secret Italian restaurant). I'm eating pizza. I eat a roll with poppy seeds and white chocolate. I eat cherries. Now it's all the same - tomorrow everything will burn in the furnace 10 km, I persuade myself. I find the guys, everyone is chatting, they are having fun, so am I.

00:00. I turn off the light and ask my boyfriend how he feels. He says that he is worried and cannot sleep, but after 10 minutes he is sound asleep. Check the alarm again - good night.


6:40. I have to get up. I try to ignore it, check the weather without getting out from under the covers. I promise myself that if it rains like a wall, I won't go anywhere. No, it's sunny. An SMS comes from a friend, waiting for you downstairs, reluctantly crawling out from under the blanket, chewing a banana and pulling on leggings at the same time. It's time to think over a strategy (it looks like this: I'll start at 5'00 '', and after the first bridge we'll see).

7:10. We are going to the starting town. Runners in colorful clothes run around us, all terribly focused (most likely, they are running a marathon). We're joking nervously, I see the guys are a little worried.

My running trip: how to put things aside and go to a marathon

7:30. We are trying to meet in the hustle and bustle Palace Square at least someone familiar, but no. We think that a chill zone from a partner of the Baltic 0 marathon with ottomans, free beer and gifts will need to be designated as a guideline for the meeting at the finish line. There you can also recuperate after the race. We get into a cluster for 55 minutes or less (in fact, the organizers did not separate the clusters in any way by speed, and a person could stand in front of you who would not run the top ten in less than an hour, and you would not do anything with him.

8:03. We are still listening to the parting words of an important functionary from the sport and hurray, let's run!

8:20. Oh, it seems, I have overcome the bridge, but it runs normally!

8:30. I want to stop, can I stop right here?

8:42. Oh, it seems there is only one embankment left. Dvortsovaya! What's the pace? 4-30? Unexpectedly, of course, perhaps, I will continue in the same spirit (then it will all end faster).

8:49. I get the finishing acceleration first from Milan (coach of the Capital running club), and then from my boyfriend (he has already run, he is wearing a medal, and he shouts that I am not running at all). On this note I also finish. They also put on a medal for me (this time it was enough!). Now you can see what happens over time. 48'27 '' - in my opinion, very good! I am glad that we were lucky with the weather and no one suffered from the heat, as in the past and the year before last.

10:15. It's good to live near the finish line! I waited for friends, shouted to the marathon runners and again you lie in your bed, but with a medal. I sleep for another hour and get up, I promise!

In the evening I don't really want to leave for Moscow, it seems that the city was created for running, eating, good company, unexpected sun and a great weekend. I promise myself to go to the starts in another city more often and already on the train look through the schedule of races outside Moscow.

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