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My game: 7 thoughts on sports from Basta

CSKA fan and part-time rap star Vasily Basta Vakulenko, who attracts more spectators to his concerts than his favorite team for home matches, gave an interview to the press center of large CSKA. Here are a few highlights.

About footballers

Our footballers do not have the most important things. There is no awareness that one has to sacrifice oneself, there is no fierce desire to be the best in the world, they are not ready, in my opinion, to die in the name of their country, their team. In the Soviet Union, as they said jokingly, Comrade Beria always stood outside the gates. Or Stalin. Then, it seems to me, there were both levers of influence on the players and the understanding among the athletes that they were behind not only the state machine, but millions of compatriots. Now, after the match, the footballer tells reporters: Well, I played as best I can.

About CSKA

Rooting for CSKA is dangerous. In the sense that rooting for such a club is a great responsibility, you need to comply. My friends and I often go to matches, to the usual sector, wearing a mask, of course, so that no one will recognize. We are invited to other places and to the VIP sector, but this is a little different, this is not football for me.

About the holiday

Getting sick at the stadium is a big holiday for me. The last match we went to was a magic performance. The sector sang the song "Samsara". They shouted, sang, I posted it on Instagram. It was a great historical event for me, that my song was sung by the sector, a great honor and a holiday.

About the World Cup

I am very worried about the result of our football team. This is my pain. This is a topic for another big conversation. I am glad that a lot of children have now come to new football schools. It became clear to everyone that working with talented young footballers is the most reliable investment of Gazprom's money. In general, I have radical views on the development of football in my country. I believe that local guys should play for every city. Residents of Moscow who are doing military service should play for CSKA, while representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs should play for Dynamo. So that the fans know: even if our team does not play better than everyone else, these are our own boys who are eager to win in every match. Let their own play, as they were taught, than some stray guest performers. Anyway, we have the Russian football championship so-so.

About Putin, Fursenko and legionnaires “Zenith”

It was the right irony. About seven years ago, I went to the Headbutt program. After the program, they tried to explain to me for a long time: You don’t understand, we need foreigners to make the game more spectacular. I do not know. I would like to root for the football where our guys play. This is real romanticism. In the USSR championship of legionnaires nIt was not, but how great our Christmas tree-sticks played.

About doping

I have no unequivocal opinion about doping. If a person is doping and wants to die quickly, this is his choice. Adult games. Firstly, I do not fully understand what doping is. How to draw a fine line between useful medicine and doping. Naturally, if you do not take into account overt stimulants. Say, is meldonium doping? Unclear. It is a drug that helps the heart.

About rap and hockey

Danya Markov said that before the final of the World Championship in Canada, our hockey players listened to the song My Game. Markov is a monster. Representative of the old school hockey. A real hero. In his last world championship, he played with a torn finger. He promised me: If we win, I'll give you my hello on camera. We are sitting, which means we are watching hockey in a Rostov pub, I tell the guys: Ours will win, and Danya Markov will show me something. Everyone is like: Come on, what are you scratching ?. Ours are winning, but Dani is not visible on TV. To me guys: Here you are balabol. And then again, Markov does this at the camera (shakes his finger. - Ed.). Everyone in the Rostov pub was crazy then.

The full version of the interview with Basta is watched on CSKA's YouTube channel.

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