Must have: top 3 ideas for outdoor activities

Getting on the wakeboard

In order to get on the wake, you first need to get off the sofa (this is the most difficult) and open the map of Moscow and the region. Almost all wake bases, with the exception of some, are located outside the Moscow Ring Road, so you need to plan your trip in advance and lay in from 40 minutes to three hours, which will go exclusively on the road.

Must have: top 3 ideas for outdoor activities

Photo: RIA Novosti

Where : if there is not much time for a gurney, then choose bases that are located closer ... For example, Moscow Wake School in Strogino, Trajectory-park in Myakinino or Zvezda wakeboarding school, which is located on the territory of the Crocus City yacht club.

With whom: company from two to 10 people.

Equipment: wetsuit, wake and crepes can be rented at the base, in most schools equipment is included in the price of the lesson. You will hardly need a waterproof bag for documents: you can put all your valuables in a storage room or take with you on a boat, but for a smartphone it is better to buy a special case that could protect it from splashes, unless, of course, you have at your disposal new waterproof LG model. Conventional electronic gadgets are afraid of water, do not tolerate falls and try to bypass places with high humidity. But we assure you: LG G6 can and should be safely taken with you to wakeboarding training. After all, it even has the US Army MIL-STD 810G certification for impact testing. And for those who are distrustful of the possibility of submerging the phone in water, we inform you that the new flagship model of the LG line is certified according to the IP68 standard, which guarantees full performance even after half an hour under water. Life hack from the editors: remember that a good camera on a smartphone can easily take a shot no worse than professional action gadgets.

Beach volleyball

A great way not only to keep your figure in good shape, but and have fun with your friends. In general, there are a lot of advantages from practicing beach volleyball: in addition to an even tan, a beautiful body, it is also an indescribable delight from the very process of the game, which is very exciting.

Must have: top 3 ideas for outdoor activities

Where: every second beach in the city. Pay attention to city beaches and outdoor areas. For example, in Gorky Park there is a volleyball court with a sandy surface, which can be rented for several hours.

With whom : a company of four or more

Equipment : probably nothing special is needed. You don't have to take your sneakers with you, and a T-shirt and shorts will easily fit even into a small backpack. But if there is a need to stay in touch with colleagues 24/7, then make sure that you have the opportunity to quickly respond to calls and SMS. Ideally, a smart bracelet or fitness tracker is suitable for this, which synchronizes with a smartphone and promptly notifies you of all activities foroutside the volleyball court. Life hack from the editor: when you buy an LG G6 until the end of June, you will receive an LG Watch Style smart watch as a gift. Going in for sports and being always in touch is now more than real. Notifications on your watch will alert you of all incoming messages and SMS, and a special sensor at this time will count the number of steps taken during training and tell you about the calories you burned.

Taming the Longboard

Recently, boards of all colors, sizes and parameters have entered our daily life and have become well established in it. Get to the subway on a stump? Ride longs with friends? Jump on the ramp while standing on a skateboard? All these names not only entered our vocabulary, but also became symbols of outdoor activities and fun adventures with friends.

Must have: top 3 ideas for outdoor activities

Photo: RIA Novosti

With whom : it's always more fun in the company, but if anything, you can try to do this sport in splendid isolation.

Where : all the smoothest streets with the steepest surfaces and slope of the track have already been collected and are waiting for you on the site - surface.moscow/ru/longboard/msk/.

Outfit : nothing special. But if this is the first time in your life you get up on the board, then you can purchase knee pads. Among other things, you will definitely need a smartphone that keeps the battery charge well and will allow you to find the desired location on the map and send your joyful selfie to your friends. Moreover, a wide-angle selfie camera will be able to capture not only you, but also the flickering landscapes behind you. Not sure which camera can convey all the emotions from the first race on the longboard? Take advantage of the wide-angle selfie camera LG G6 The dual cameras on the back take high-quality pictures in absolutely any conditions. What if you want something new? LG G6 can create animated GIFs from photos in the gallery. In addition, in the Square mode, you can take collages and pictures in 1: 1 format, which is ideal for social networks. So you won't be bored!


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