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Music festivals that are already waiting for you

It's no secret that summer festivals are very popular. And it's not in vain! This is a great opportunity to dance, listen to your favorite music, cheer yourself up and even lose extra pounds - almost none of the modern festivals is complete without an entertainment and sports zone. We know how beneficial physical activity is in the fresh air, so we have compiled for you a selection of the hottest Russian musical holidays this summer.

Encore Fest

Very soon Moscow will celebrate the birthday of the legend - rapper Tupac Shakura.
For the guests, the organizers prepared their favorite music, art spaces, streetball, scratch battles and dozens of other entertainments. Hip-hop will be playing on the site for over twelve hours. Feduk, Obladaet, Mishlawi and other artists will visit, and The Outlawz will be the headliner of the event.

Where: ZIL Cultural Center, Moscow
When: June 15-16.

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Jazz Manor

The festival will be interesting even for those who are not considers himself a jazz fan. This direction has changed so much over the years that today artists who seem to have nothing to do with jazz can become participants in the festival. But this is only at first glance. Among the speakers this year are Black Eyed Peas, Azilia Banks, Spleen, Ivan Dorn and others. All of them have prepared a special program specially for the festival.

Where: Kolomenskoye, Moscow
When: June 22-23.

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Wild mint

Wild Mint is the largest independent multi-format open-air in Russia. On the stages of the festival are presented the main Russian performers, world stars, heroes of the indie scene, electronic music sounds, and also gaining popularity musicians perform. On the territory there are sports grounds, a lecture hall, a cinema, a fair; a rich children's program was organized. You can go to Wild Mint and relax with the whole family.

This summer, the Scots Primal Scream, the country's most marine group Mumiy Troll, the legendary Boris Grebenshchikov with the Aquarium, Dolphin, Basta, Monetochka, The Hatters and many others others - 100 concerts will take place in just three days.

Where: Aleksinsky district, Bunyrevo (140 km from Moscow)
When: June 28-30.

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Locals only

Surf in St. Petersburg and Sochi, master skateboard, streetball, BMX and baseball in Moscow - all this is happily offered by the most music and sports festival.
Skepta, The score, Machete, MGZAVREBI and not only will perform in St. Petersburg, Desiigner, Grandson, Zivert, Peshlaya Molly, Puppies will come to Moscow, and Zveri in Sochi.


  • Sevkabel Port, St. Petersburg
  • Luzhniki, Moscow
  • Imeretinsky port, Sochi


  • June 29-30, St. Petersburg
  • July 20, Moscow
  • September 7, Sochi

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It's hard to meet so many artists anywhere else at one festival. Traditionally, on Invasion, you can listen to DDT, Dolphin, BI-2, Alice, Mumiy Troll, Animal Jazz, Louna, Nervov, Nike Borzov, Slot and dance to the hits from your 2007.
And also - play beach football and volleyball and even get married.

Where: Bolshoe Zavidovo, Tver
When: 19 -21 July.

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VK Fest 5

Or a festival for everyone, as the organizers say. Indeed, here anyone will find something to their liking. More than 100 popular artists, bloggers, stand-up comedians and speakers, 17 thematic zones and hundreds of interactive platforms will be presented in the park of the northern capital. Zones of music, technology, fashion, humor, video games and, of course, sports will open up for you.
Participants - Little Big, Yegor Creed, KhLEB, Tim Belorusskikh, # 2Mashi, Feduk, Olga Buzova, Eljey, ILO, Monetochka, Elena Temnikova, Diana Arbenina, CYGO, Zivert, Eldar Dzharakhov, SBPCh and many other bloggers and artists.

Where: Park of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg
When: July 20 and 21.

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Moscow again hosts a festival for the smartest Chess and Jazz. This year, the program will begin with a jazz tie gala opening on the eve of the main day. The headliner will be two-time Grammy winner Gregory Porter and Manchester-based trio GoGo Penguin. Grandmasters and guests keen on intellectual games will play games to the music most suitable for chess.

Where: Hermitage Garden, Moscow
When: July 26-27 .

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The Archstoyanie Festival is an endless artistic process and a sustainable ecosystem. The project works as a single organism - this time the festival will bring together 321 participants on its territory.
The festival will present the process of the birth of objects of art: the construction of the grandiose architectural Ugruan by Nikolai Polissky and new music - during the days of the festival, premieres of five modern operas created in laboratory conditions.
The Leveldva music label will be the curator of the festival's music program in 2019.

Where: Nikola-Lenivets art park, Kaluga region
When: July 26-28.

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Afisha Picnic

Afisha Picnic is the largest outdoor music festival in Moscow, gathering more than 60,000 people annually.
Of course, in addition to music, it is also an extensive gastronomic program, entertainment and sports activities.
The headliner of the festival is The Cure. And besides them, we will be waiting for the rock duo Royal Blood, Pusha T, Blossoms, Grammy nominee mura masa, SBPC, Antokhu MC, Give Tank (! ), Kazusky and EIGHTEEN. Basta, the Scryptonite project Gruppa Skryptonite, T-Fest, Matrang, Smokey Mo, Vadyara Blues and Lucaveros will appear on a new stage.

Where: Kolomenskoye, Moscow
When: August 3

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Alfa Future People

Traditionally, the main festival of electronic music will open the doors at the secret airfield on the banks of the Volga. Space scenes, energetic dances, gadgets, technologies and sport is not to be missed.
Apashe, Angerfist, Britta Unders, Alex Neggemann, Coone and many other world stars of electronic music will come this year.

Where: Bolshoe Kozino, Nizhny Novgorod
When: August 16-18.

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PINS - Waiting For The End at the 6 Music Festival

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