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Motorcycle therapy: what your doctor won't prescribe for you

Already next weekend (March 16-18), Moscow will host the 6th International Motorcycle Exhibition Motovsna-2018. Not only an exhibition, but also a large-scale interactive zone will be organized right in the premises of the Olympic Stadium. It is there that the show will take place with the participation of the Russian and world elite of riders. Fortunately, the roof of the sports complex will be able to protect athletes and spectators from snow and wind, and its height will allow you to perform jumping tricks on a high ramp.

We were able to speak with Vanni Odder , a freestyler from Italy ... He is not only a participant in Moto Spring, but also the inspirer of the international program of support for people with disabilities Moto therapy .

- Vanni, first I would like to talk about the upcoming show. I am far from motorsport and many things related to it. But even the videos of FMX riders' performances amazed me. Why do you think everyone should go to such a show at least once?
- I think this show is one of the most impressive in life. It's one thing, for example, to watch it on TV, and quite another to see it in life. You feel incredible because of all the noise and vibrations you feel. In my opinion, people should at least once or twice go to such a show. This is a significant event in many ways. I especially appreciate that Moto therapy will be provided. It seems to me that now this project is gaining significance for the whole world. We conducted the first Moto therapy in Italy, and Russia became the second country. We started here several years ago, and I am extremely pleased that Moto Therapy has come to Moscow again. Of course, we will try to show our best on the show. The crowd in Russia is fiery and loud, so I want to impress and delight them.

- As far as I know, the idea of ​​creating Moto Therapy belongs to you. How did it come to mind? Maybe someone or something inspired you?
- This is my idea, but I can't say what exactly pushed me to it. Moto therapy was born in 2009, one might say, just from my heart. I thought a lot about the fact that I want to change the world. Of course, before that I tried to change the world around me in small things. And then I thought the best option was to share my passion, that is, my bike, with people. I want to give everyone the opportunity to ride it. This is the whole idea of ​​the project.

- Tell those who have never seen Moto Therapy pass.
- Guys for whom Moto Therapy is conducted do not watch our performing in a crowd, but stand under the ramps, that is, right under the jumps. During the whole show, they are next to us, among us. Each of them can look up into the sky and see a rider, a multi-colored power ranger. This is the power of Moto Therapy. After the show, these guys want to ride with us and are not at all afraid. So when the performanceends, we ride with them.

- I know that Moto therapy has been conducted in Russia for several years now. How is such a show met here?
- The crowd in Russia is very friendly, and this is important. And if we talk specifically about the participants in Moto therapy, then the guys are the same as in the whole world. That's cool. I am really happy to perform in Russia. Actually, I want the show to take place all over the world. I want more countries to join this movement.

- You Does anyone help in implementing this idea?
- Yes. Now many people are helping me. It is as if a large chain has developed around the world: in Mexico, Uruguay, Spain, Russia, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and France. Many are beginning to think like me and want to share their hobby with others. It's perfect. There are also people next to me, not only riders, but, for example, my friends help to work with this project. As it is now in Moscow, Alexey Kolesnikov (an FMX rider who is actively developing the project in Russia) helps me. I am grateful for such support.

Motorcycle therapy: what your doctor won't prescribe for you

Alexey Kolesnikov: I have been doing what I love all my life

One of the best FMX riders of the world - about their plans for the future and the development of motorsport in Russia.

- Are there many who want to join?
- A lot. To be honest, I don't know the number anymore. Each time we conduct Moto therapy with about 100-200 children. Their number is constantly growing.

- Can you give advice for those who will be on the show for the first time?
- Advice? I do not even know. We need to look at jumping as an art that we are trying to create. Our sport is very dangerous, maybe even one of the most dangerous in the world, so if you do it, then you must believe in yourself, in your body and in your passion, hobby. This is a dangerous art, because you can die in one second. But nevertheless it is an art.

- It's great that you have the idea to conduct Moto Therapy was born! I wish you good luck this year and the future in general. I hope more people will want to join this good cause.
- Thank you, and I hope to see you at the show!

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