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Motivation through Instagram. Who do you subscribe to online?

Often we really lack motivation, and we would like the coach to leave the gym and appear next to him at those moments when it becomes too lazy to go out for the first run in the morning or it is difficult to keep track of his diet. In our selection, we have collected the top 5 accounts of people who have already managed to make sports their lifestyle. Subscribe and get inspired!

Who: @nastyajoooonny

About what. Looking through Nastya's profile, you can get aesthetic pleasure. Among her photos you will find the Crimean mountains, the Black Sea, and, of course, a beautiful female body. Several years ago, Nastya began to study yoga on her own and, doing it, to this day has achieved great success. No personal training with a coach, only a great desire to become better and perseverance. Nastya believes that yoga can be started at any age, because it is not only a guarantee of a good figure, but also harmony of body and spirit.

Who: @shaunstafford

About . The focus is on a young father who successfully combines raising his son and playing sports. Sean is a professional athlete, and on his page you can find helpful workout videos and photos, as well as some tips for healthy eating.

Who: @teaganbbg

About. 19-year-old girl from Melbourne. She studies neuroscience and is involved in weightlifting. Before / after pictures appear quite often on her page, which show the results of her hard work on her body and motivate subscribers. The profile also strikes with an abundance of mouth-watering shots, and this destroys the myth that healthy food cannot be tasty.

Who: @natalyrunner

About what. Absolute champion of Russia in fitness-bikini, Candidate Master of Sports in athletics and also a journalist. Natalie is a role model for any girl who wants to try her hand at the Fitness Bikini Competition, or just anyone who adheres to a healthy lifestyle.

Who: @madam_kaka

Famous blogger Polina Trubenkova although she does not devote her profile exclusively to sports and proper nutrition, everything quite often he uploads photos from training sessions and sporting events taking place within the framework of various projects. In April, for example, Polina will go to #newstarcamp, the Quicksilver camp that promises to be the hottest event of the ski season.

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