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Motivation non-stop: 10 home athletes who inspired us

During the quarantine, many finally had free time for sports. Instagram is full of publications from athletes and fitness models who do not quit classes, even when they are within four walls. The girls run various weight loss marathons, hot workouts and motivate subscribers to join the classes. We'll tell you which of the active users of the social network inspired us the most.

Elena Petrova

You will be surprised, but Elena is 37 years old. It is not in vain that she believes that her body is an indicator that you can start playing sports at any age. The girl herself got acquainted with training when she was already over 30, and by now she has achieved visible results and began to inspire others.

Now on the blogger's page you can find workouts for different muscle groups and a large number of recipes for healthy dishes. In addition, Petrova often travels and likes to tell subscribers in detail about each new country.

Samira Mustafayeva

Russian and Azerbaijani gymnasts also spend time at home with benefit. Almost every day, on Samira's instagram, you can watch live broadcasts with the participation of representatives of show business. The girl herself arranges fitness marathons for subscribers.

In early May, together with her husband the athlete has launched a new application for her own network of stretching and fitness studios SM Srterching. And if you are too lazy to play sports, you can just enjoy the ex-gymnast's spectacular splits.

Motivation non-stop: 10 home athletes who inspired us

From the splits gymnast Samira Mustafaeva captures spirit. It's very beautiful

However, the girl decided to leave professional sports behind.

Sofya Soldatova

Fitness blogger Sofya Soldatova trains not only for stretching, but also for different muscle groups: for example, abs, back and buttocks. She also shares her cardio and splits exercises.

В the athlete also shows on her Instagram how you can lose weight in 30 days according to her author's program. Soldatova explains how to eat before and after home workouts, shares her personal experiences and runs various challenges.

Ekaterina Usmanova

Champion of Russia in fitness bikini with 2.6 million subscribers on the Web motivates girlsek to play sports. Last year, Ekaterina gave birth to a child and has already managed to lose 20 kilograms. And in early May, Usmanova launched a five-day marathon of buttock exercises.

The blogger also systematically shows how to achieve a beautiful posture, pump up your abs and legs at home with a minimum inventory.

Motivation non-stop: 10 home athletes who inspired us

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They never forget about sports and motivate others.

Sofia Maloletova

Sofia, an athlete, nutritionist and blogger with over 1.5 million Instagram audience, also conducts classes at home. Trainings with a lot of different equipment help her to maintain excellent shape and maintain a wasp waist.

On her page, Maloletova shows subscribers how to perform exercises for different muscle groups: from the bridge and folds to the front squat and pressing the buttocks. And if you scroll through the blogger's profile a little further, you can find pair sets.

Diana Volkova

Arnold Classic champion and fitness trainer tells subscribers how home workouts and proper nutrition can help you achieve your cherished goal. Volkova pays much attention to motivation, because it is she who helps not to abandon work on your own body.

Diana posts short workout videos and IGTV tapes and invites girls to participate in a 12-week challenge to get ready for the summer and show off their athletic figure. And for fans of hardcore workouts, Volkova shows trainings with an impressive weight.

Motivation non-stop: 10 home athletes who inspired us

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Anastasia Zolotaya

Champion in a fitness bikini Anastasia Zolotaya spends not only workouts on the Web, but also live broadcasts. Most recently, video blogger Alexey Stolyarov became a member of the stream, with whom the girl had a killer 30-minute workout.

On the athlete's instagram, you can find many video trainings: among them stretching lessons, sets for the press, cardio classes. In general, exercises for every taste!

Anastasia Davletova

A New York fitness school graduate pleases fans not only with training videos, but also with numerous motivating posts. And, of course, a chiseled figure.

Davletova shares drying results with subscribers and organizes remote fitness projects. The girl gives gifts to their participants for the best results.

Motivation non-stop: 10 home athletes who inspired us

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They'll tell you how to look no worse than Hollywood celebrities.

Maria Sokolova

Fitness bikini model and video blogger Maria Sokolova shares with the audience her author's workout programs, meal plans and posts on various sports topics.

In addition, Maria runs a marathon of morning exercises to awaken vigor in people and give a boost of energy for the whole day. The girl wants her subscribers to have an incentive to get off the couch and share good results with her every morning.

Milena Milacic

Master of Sports in Rhythmic Gymnastics, the absolute champion of Serbia and a trainer conducts online stretching lessons at home and films live streams of his workouts.

In addition, Milena inspires her followers with perfect splits. The blogger loves to write large informational publications on sports.

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