5 Books EVERY Student Should Read That Will Change Your Life

Motivation and knowledge in one bottle: 10 books that will make you better

The Spanish writer Alessandro Baricco said: A book is like a refrigerator - you open it and you are glad that it is full. And you need to consume the contents of the book accordingly - at night, in your pajamas, all alone! We don't really care where and how you read our collection, but we are sure that you will find something suitable for yourself here.

Motivation and knowledge in one bottle: 10 books that will make you better

Magic morning. How the beginning of the day can change your whole life

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The easiest way to transform your life is to take control of your morning. Just one hour before breakfast can help you lose weight, build abs, write a book, or learn a foreign language. In Magic Morning, personal efficiency and time management expert Laura Vanderkam analyzed the daily routines of many successful people and wrote a book detailing which habits help them achieve success.
This book is for those who:

- endlessly sets the alarm for another five minutes;

- cannot find time for really important things;

- would like to do more and better;

- is looking for balance between work and personal life.

Motivation and knowledge in one bottle: 10 books that will make you better

Chicken broth for the soul. Re-create yourself

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Nothing motivates as much as real success stories. And it doesn't matter what we are talking about: financial well-being, a healthy lifestyle or some other personal achievement. No trainings and workshops are able to give such a push forward as non-fictional biographies of other people who succeeded! After all, when you see how many people were able to change themselves and their world, faith in their own strength wakes up.

100 stories about the fight against excess weight in the book are told by ordinary people: here is everything that they went through trying to bring themselves in the form. Little motivational secrets from other people's lives have already helped millions of people around the world to take a step towards a healthy, fit and beautiful body.

You can move towards this gradually, in small steps, like Douglas Brown. He was denied life insurance due to 40 kilograms of excess weight. This made him act. He started simple: every day he climbed the stairs to the fourth floor to his workplace. Gradually, he managed to make serious changes in the nutrition system, to add training to this, so that now his health and well-being is much better than at the beginning of the journey.

You can stumble and indulge in your weaknesses, like Rebecca Hill. She once participated in a fitness exercise video that was held in the Hawaiian Islands. The other members, fit and slender, were all about a healthy lifestyle, and Rebecca was terribly shy about ordering cheeseburgers in her room in the evenings. Therefore, in the morning, she slowly put an empty tray at other people's doors.
And always after that - to return to the rut, to understand their own mistakes and forgive them, like Kimberly Hutmachep. She describes how over the past couple of years she has lost ten kilograms: Each time I set myself very modest tasks, and this helped me calmly, without jerking, move forward and regularly win small victories over time.
Forward to victories. above yourself!

Motivation and knowledge in one bottle: 10 books that will make you better

Football in comics

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Championship of contrasts - this is how the foreign media called the last World Cup. He tore the textbook of football tradition in two when some of the favorites - Brazil, Germany, Spain and Argentina - were kicked out early, CNBC writes. To understand the essence and scale of recent events, it is useful to turn to the origins and trace how exactly football became that phenomenal force that for a while united people from all over the world and made them forget about politics? Football in comics is stories about heroes and villains, victories and defeats, won trophies and stolen cups, about leaders - both ingenious and mediocre. It is thanks to them that football looks as we know it.
A football story told through comics in the spirit of the 90s will amaze you no less than the final match France - Croatia!

Here you will find answers to questions , who did not even think to ask before: what happened to Garrinchi's dog? Why hasn't Peter Beardsley changed his hair for over 30 years? What would the world be like if Jeffrey Hirst's goal were invalidated? How much would you enjoy spending a weekend in a camper with Roy Keane? Why did China and Japan fail with football?
Discover the world of football from an unexpected angle!

Motivation and knowledge in one bottle: 10 books that will make you better

45 shades of green

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Who are these people who choose coconut milk instead of cow milk, quinoa burger prefer steak, and start the morning with a kiwi and avocado smoothie? Where do they get their protein? How are they with the level of hemoglobin? Are their skin and hair suffering from vitamin deficiencies? These tough questions are answered by Alya Samokhina , a 13-year vegetarian, master chef of vegan cafes and restaurants and author of the bestselling Go Green. ⠀ She calls her book a collection of hygge recipes for vegans. There are 40 dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner here with stunning photos that are impossible to resist. You will not notice how you are already putting on an apron in the kitchen and preparing a smoothie ball, tofu quiche, pumpkin polenta with eggplant and lime cheesecake at the same time.

Alya also writes in which foods a vegetarian can find protein, collagen, iron and vitamins, what is the color plate rule and publishes a list of 50 foods richest in protein - from soy and peanuts to banana and sweet potato.

But that's not the point. An educational program from Ali Samokhina about veganism as a way of life can give an answer to the question of all meat-eaters who find themselves in a difficult life situation. What to do if your friend declared himself a vegan and began to systematically buy all the green salad from the nearest souprmarket?

Motivation and knowledge in one bottle: 10 books that will make you better

2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. Official edition

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Limited edition of the only official FIFA encyclopedia for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia - a real fan artifact! A detailed analysis of teams, an expert assessment of their chances of getting to the playoffs, materials about star players, host cities and stadiums, a brief history of the tournament, a grid that can be filled in during the competition and many colorful photos - everything that a real fan needs.

The brightest moments of past championships are illustrated with emotional photos from football stadiums. The stars of the strongest teams salute the fans after the victorious goal, hug their colleagues after a triumphant penalty, wave to their parents and families after serious play-offs.
Separate chapters of the encyclopedia are devoted to the history of the championship, Russia's football heritage and how the country's cities were transformed for FIFA 2018.

This book is a real educational program for those who have just started to get involved in football and an excellent addition to the collection for everyone who calls themselves an expert!

Motivation and knowledge in one bottle: 10 books that will make you better


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Continuing the theme of the championship, we will tell you about one more novelty.
While the Russian national team was getting ready to win, the chefs in the restaurants of eleven football capitals were training to shine with traditional Russian hospitality. After all, it depended on them what kind of foreign fans remembered Russian cuisine.

A team of professional chefs collected the most spectacular recipes from all over the country in a unique collection: FOODball. A culinary journey through 11 football capitals of Russia.

So what are foreigners talking about at home, nostalgically recalling Russian pickles? And what should future guests of our country try?

In Moscow, of course, borscht and pancakes with caviar. And for breakfast - cheesecakes. In St. Petersburg - beef stroganoff and fried smelt. In the morning, donuts are possible. In Volgograd, you need to evaluate watermelon honey and pike perch in batter. In Sochi, an indispensable item on the program is lamb and chebureka shashlik. In Kazan, there is where to roam in a gastronomic plan, starting from the echpochmaks. In Yekaterinburg, the main culinary event may be Oil dumplings with dill mousse and dumplings with oven potatoes and Carbonara sauce.

Well, are you ready to jump on the train and go on a culinary journey? Do it with us!

Motivation and knowledge in one bottle: 10 books that will make you better

Run Forever: Your Complete Guide to Healthy Lifetime Running

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Review from Renata Shagabudtinov, author of the telegram channel Simple Running : The book is called Running forever, and this is not a nice turn: Emby Burfoot really wants the reader to be able to enjoy running all his life without traumas.

The book is very easy to read due to its structure (short chapters on different topics) and style from(friendly and accessible).

No wonder - Burfoot not only won the Boston Marathon (that is, he knows what he writes about), but also began the path of popularizing sports from the school wall newspaper, and then worked for many years in the best running Runner's World magazine. And he is not his first book.

The book has a wonderful plan for those who are just starting to run - it proposes to alternate running with walking and gradually reach up to 30 minutes of continuous running. The translation of the plan and recommendations for its implementation is available on the “Running is simple” channel. There are also guidelines for other topics that usually bother newbies, from shoes to nutrition.

A very good book for beginners in running - and not only for beginners.

Motivation and knowledge in one bottle: 10 books that will make you better

Sports nutrition for professionals and amateurs. Complete guide

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Review from Renat Shagabudtinov, author of the telegram channel It's easy to run: For a long time, there were no transferable system and quality sports nutrition books written by experts. And in August 2018, two came out in different publishers at once! This and the next in this collection.

A very useful and informative book about nutrition, which may be of interest not only to athletes.

The book gives answers to most questions and explains everything in great detail. There are no extremes, fanaticism and there are recommendations for adherents of different diets, a balanced scientific approach. "

The edition consists of four parts:
1. Everyday healthy food for active people: breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks; carbohydrates, proteins, drinks.
2. Nutrition before, after and during exercise. Supplements, special sports nutrition.
3. Weight. Weight gain, overweight, diet.
4. Recipes (breakfasts, pasta / rice, vegetables and salads, poultry, meat, beans and tofu, fish and seafood, drinks and smoothies).

An important feature of the book is a large number of statistical tables with very useful information.

For example: the need for calcium by age / gender; protein and calorie content of pasta / rice / quinoa; calcium content in dairy products, vegetables, cereals; the nutritional value of popular breakfast cereals; 500 calorie breakfast options; comparison of milk and sports drinks in terms of minerals and protein; comparison of the most popular sports bars.

Motivation and knowledge in one bottle: 10 books that will make you better

Nutrition in endurance sports. Everything a runner, swimmer, cyclist and triathlete needs to know

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Excerpt from the book. On the importance of iron
A fragment from the book. Training and competition in the heat
A fragment from the book. How to understand sugars

Review from Renata Shagabudtinov, author of the telegram channel It's easy to run : Another novelty in sports nutrition from an expert with vast experience. This book is slightly more specialized than the previous one - it is for everyone involved in endurance sports (i.e. running, swimming, cyclingm, triathlon, adventure races).
This is a systemic guide. It contains both basics and specialized questions.

Common issues include fluid intake, essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, weight loss and muscle gain, ergogenic supplements - their safety and effects.

The second half of the book is dedicated to specific sports and special questions. Swimming, running, triathlon and cycling are all too different to have one ready-made meal plan that suits all of them, so Monique Ryan considers the specifics of each sport.
The book also contains tips for special cases - for young and old athletes, vegetarians and diabetics, pregnant girls.

Recommendations are considered on the example of real athletes, including amateurs - what difficulties and questions they face how to solve problems and plan meals during training and competition.

Motivation and knowledge in one bottle: 10 books that will make you better

How badly do you want it? Psychology of the superiority of mind over body

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Article based on the book: Psychology of competition

Review from Renata Shagabudtinov, author of telegram channel It's easy to run : An excellent book on sports psychology, which you will not tear yourself away from. It is built on the stories of elite athletes, their mistakes and lessons.

Reading is quite translated into the applied plane, if necessary.
For example, Alyssa McCaig, a professional runner, lost positions in the protocol several times at the end of important races. Although after that I could feel not 100% laid out and not even very tired. One day she made the decision to correlate her current physical distress in a race with the emotional distress after unsuccessful races, which helped her perform better at critical moments and improve her performance.

Interesting quote from the book:

Any athlete who forces himself to expand his old endurance limits in an effort to achieve more understands this. There is nothing like the feeling when a person deliberately brings himself to the point where he is ready to give up, and still does not give up. In moments of harsh reality, as Mark Allen calls them, when something inside of you asks: How badly do you want this? - internal barriers are removed, and you open that part of yourself that is exposed only at the most critical moments. And when your answer forces you to fight further, you come out of this test with new knowledge about yourself and self-respect that you cannot buy for any money.

In such moments of overcoming a cruel reality, athletes discover in themselves not only reasons keep fighting, but also ways to do it: motivation (why) and adaptive skills (how), to which they can come back again and again, when faced with the temptation to back down or give up. And both answers to why and how will be highly personal, unique to each athlete.

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