4 Football Love Stories That Prove Nothing Is Impossible

More than a game: 5 romantic stories about soccer players and their wives

The British edition of the Daily Mail has published a list of the most beautiful companions of the 2018 World Cup players. But girls support their men not only during the championship. Some of them, together with their husbands, have to go through long separations, repeated transfers from city to city, or even another country, victories and defeats. We have collected 5 love stories of football players and I will give their hearts.

Alexander and Veronika Erokhin

Russian national team midfielder Alexander Erokhin is very lucky. His wife Veronica was ranked # 1 in the Daily Mail rankings.

The couple has been together for 11 years. During this time they have experienced many travels and trials.
Veronica is a marketer and candidate master of sports in sports ballroom dancing. However, for the sake of her husband, the girl had to give up her career.

In one of her interviews, Veronica said: At first, all these moves were interesting - different people and different cities. But then all these cars, transportation of things and rented apartments began to strain. Each time I had to get used to new places. But I want my husband to develop, and I listen to his opinion. I am very proud of him, I know what he went through to achieve such a result. This is his dream, and I am glad that it came true.

Now Alexander's wife is not imagines his life without football. She is his main spectator. Veronica can often be seen playing matches with other players' wives. Many noticed that she always comes to the stadium dressed in the colors of the national flag.
In September 2017, the couple had a son, Fyodor. The first beauty of the 2018 World Cup shares very touching family photos on her instagram.

In Rostov this couple is very fond of. Veronica says that on the streets she is often congratulated on her victories, they wish her good luck. The girl posted funny messages from neighbors in the entrance after the historic victory of Rostov over Bavaria on her social networks.

Marcos Aoas Correa and Carol Cabrino

When Carol was 15 years old, there were already millions of views on her YouTube channel. She was a pretty popular singer. Three years later, she was invited to participate in the show Young Talents.
The love story of Carol and Marcos began when a Brazilian footballer saw one of her videos on the channel and decided to write a message. In addition, he simply attacked the girl with comments under each of her photos.

After they met , their communication continued daily. The lovers simply could not tear themselves away from each other. Marcos invited Carol to stay with him in France.
Dating a couple nI started only four months after the start of communication. Soon the girl moved to France.

On February 1, 2014, Marcos proposed to Carol, but only two years later in Trancoso (Portugal) they officially became husband and wife.

For the 23rd birthday of Marcos Correa in 2017, his wife prepared a special gift for him, and she managed to move him to tears. When the footballer came home, he saw the inscription Congratulations, Daddy on the bathroom mirror. We now have three hearts. We love you more than anything else. Small red stones were tied with a heart next to them with a pair of tiny sneakers in the center.

Under the video, the girl signed: We did everything the way we wanted, right? We met, met, got married ... And now we are at the best stage in our life - pregnancy.
Marcos himself really appreciates his wife's support and says about her: Carol is a very important person for me. Since she was with me, I became a real man.

Roberto Firmino and Larissa Pereira Firmino

The footballer met his future wife in a nightclub five years ago.
Brazil star Roberto Firmino and Larissa Pereira got married last year, although by that time the couple had four years of relationship and two daughters behind them.
Wedding photos in the girl's account were gradually replaced by photos from the stadiums of the 2018 World Cup.

These two are really happy with each other and it shows. Larissa addresses her husband with tender words, she is ready to go to the ends of the world for him.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez

After a skirmish with the Atlético midfielder, in which Cristiano shouted to the antics of his opponent: Yes, I'm gay, but I have a lot of money, - the football player refuted his words by appearing in public with new girl. She turned out to be Georgina Rodriguez, a dancer and saleswoman in a Gucci boutique. The couple strolled at Disneyland Paris.

According to rumors, Georgina and Cristiano met at a private party Dolce & Gabbana in Madrid, where the girl worked as a model. The public did not immediately believe in their relationship, they were too suspicious after such a statement.
But the couple proved the seriousness of their intentions. After a year of relationship, Ronaldo announced that his girlfriend was in a position. I am happy that I will have another child, he did not hide his emotions. Ronaldo has already raised a 7-year-old son and twins Eva and Mateo, who were born to a surrogate mother.
In November 2017, Cristiano became a father for the fourth time. Georgina gave birth to a footballer's daughter Alan-Martin.
A girl with a footballerm came to the 2018 World Cup and shares photos from Russia. Rumor has it that the couple are planning to get married in August.

Lionel Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo

This love story began very early. Lionel Messi and Antonella Rocuzzo met each other when they were just five years old. Messi's grandmother wanted her grandson to play football professionally, and took the future striker to the sports section. His friend, the cousin of his future wife, also studied there. They met, but this meeting remained just a meeting, but Lionel and Antonella will remember each other for a long time.

They met again around Christmas in 2009 and realized they were in love. Now Messi says that he is happy with Antonella and regrets the time spent on other relationships.
Almost all the time Messi spent with Antonella, and, according to fans, became calmer and played even better. After three years of relationship, he became a father. Messi reported the news about the situation of his companion in a very original way: having scored a goal for Argentina, he tucked the ball under his shirt, simulating pregnancy.

Now the couple are happily married and have three children. In March of this year, Antonella gave birth to Messi's youngest son, Kiro, due to which she was unable to attend all the World Cup matches. Nevertheless, the girl did not leave her husband without support and flew to Russia for the match with Nigeria.

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