“Perfect” Ways to Start a Monday Morning

Monday morning: where to go, what to buy and what to participate in

Monday is a hard day, but you shouldn't forget about your health under any circumstances. In our digest, we have collected 8 news from the world of healthy lifestyle and the sports industry, which will help to maintain good spirits on the cold February days.

Basketball style for everyday life

The adidas company has released new sneakers EQT BASK ADV, adapting the classic basketball look to everyday life. Stylish, durable and comfortable sneakers with a powerful sole, knit upper and three EQT stripes will be the perfect complement to your look. The collection includes shoes for men, women and children.

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Two days of triathlon

If you are a triathlon or coach, then you have the opportunity improve the efficiency of your training and quickly achieve the desired results or improve your skills. On February 17 and 18, Victoria Shubina, the leading triathlon coach of the World Class fitness club chain, will conduct an intensive training workshop for you. You will have two classes, the duration of each of which is 8 hours.

Learn more: +7 (916) 367-39-57.

The ice melted

On February 14, Valentine's Day, a film directed by Oleg Trofim Ice will be released. The main character Nadya, played by actress Aglaya Tarasova, is a figure skater who has to overcome serious obstacles on the way to her dream. This is a film about perseverance, self-belief, ups and downs, and love that can work miracles. The film was partially filmed on Lake Baikal, among endless expanses, which caused some technical inconvenience to the film crew.

Breakfasts like in a restaurant

A book About breakfasts by Artyom Korolev, host of the Food program, I love you on Friday TV channel. The author claims that both the content of the book and the materials from which it is made are unique. Korolev borrowed recipes from the menus of hotels in different parts of the world, adding unique details to some of them. Moreover, a certain story is associated with each dish, which Korolev tells about. Cooking is very simple and fast, but it turns out tasty, healthy and beautiful, says the author of the book.

On February 14, a meeting with the author will take place at the Evropeyskiy shopping mall in Moscow.

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Running around Moscow

Registration for the April race will open on February 14, which will mark the opening running season in Moscow. The 5 km race will take place on April 1 in Luzhniki, the organizers promise a festive atmosphere.

From February 21 it will be possible to register for the Moscow Marathon, which will be held on September 23. Participants of the main race will be able to run along the embankments of the Moskva River, alongGarden ring, across the Crimean bridge, along Tverskaya street, along the walls of the Kremlin and see the main sights of the capital, and at the same time test yourself for strength - the distance of the Marathon is 42.2 km.

On February 21, the official Lifestyle group on VKontakte will be raffled off slots for free participation in the Moscow Marathon.

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Running excitement

RussiaRunning organizes several championships at once, participation in which will allow runners to gain a certain number of points and take eventually this or that place. There are competitions among individual participants, as well as among teams - a great way to test your strength and add a little excitement to your regular running training.

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Freestyle is inspiring

Designer Denis Simachev has released a series of new T-shirts in cooperation with Adrenaline Rush. To create this colorful collection, he was inspired by freestyle motocross. Simachev generally gravitates towards extreme sports, so he decided to create clothes for the same reckless people.

I wanted to reflect in the design the feeling of freedom, crazy energy and adrenaline that you feel before the next jump. I hope I succeeded, - said the designer.

Music in the helmet

Domio Helmet Audio Device is a device that you can attach to your helmet and ride a snowboard, alpine skiing, a motorcycle, a bicycle, listening to your favorite music, answering phone calls and without experiencing any inconvenience with headphones. The manufacturer assures that, despite the impressive music playback capabilities, you continue to hear everything that happens around you - this is how safety is ensured. The gadget can operate on battery power all day long, even at low temperatures and other adverse weather conditions.

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Be patient and keep moving towards your goal. And sports and an active lifestyle will always come to the rescue. A healthy mind in a healthy body, remember?


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