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Monday morning: top 10 sporting events not to be missed

In today's digest we have collected news from the world of healthy lifestyle, including a bicycle race from Moscow to Vladivostok, running excursions, an aeronautics festival, as well as announcements of new races, surfing and crossfit championships.

Half Marathon Northern Capital

Registration is open for the half marathon, which will take place on August 5 in St. Petersburg. The route passes through the very center of the city: participants will run along Nevsky Prospect, see Palace Square, Kazan Cathedral, Mikhailovsky Castle, Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Isaac's Cathedral and other attractions. In short, this is a great way to test yourself and admire the Northern Capital.

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Luzhniki Half Marathon

Another the 21 km race will take place in Moscow on 26 August. Registration is available , so feel free to mark the race in your summer plans. The start and finish will be at the Luzhniki stadium, and the track itself passes by the Kremlin. Participants will run along the picturesque embankments of the capital. In addition to the race itself, an entertainment program is planned that will turn the half marathon into a full-fledged sports event.

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Russian Fitness Fair: a unique fitness convention at Crocus Fitness

From 23 to 26 August 2018 in Crocus City, one of the most large and modern venues in the world will host the main fitness event of 2018 - Russian Fitness Fair , organized by the Crocus Fitness network of fitness clubs and the Moscow Federation of Fitness Aerobics. As part of the international fitness festival, programs will be presented for professionals in the sports and fitness industry and for all lovers of an active lifestyle.

The best Crocus City venues will host many master classes and workshops on the most modern and relevant fitness directions and trends. Master classes will be held by eminent Russian and international presenters.

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Fitness Championship Big Cup

From 17 to 19 August in the Moscow ice palace of the Park of Legends and the Lata track complex, large-scale competitions will be held where the strongest crossfit athletes will not only from Russia, but also from Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Spectators will see the cycling race, as well as competitions in the fields of gymnastics and weightlifting.

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IRONSTAR 2018: triathlon start from the ship

For the first time in Moscow there will be held a unique triathlon competition IRONSTAR CROCUSFITNESS 1/8 TRIATHLON 2018 in open water. Participants will have to overcome: 500 m swimming + 22 km cycling + 5 km running. Both beginners and experienced athletes can take part in the race.The 50 best athletes will perform in the final.

The swimming stage will be held in the waters of the Pavshinskaya floodplain of the Moskva River, swimming in which is permitted by Rospotrebnadzor. The start will be given according to the rolling start system from the motor ship - as in the competition on the Bosphorus. Drafting is allowed on the bike stage. Cycling and running routes are laid across the vast territory of Crocus City.


Race for digital specialists

August 19 at Izmailovsky Park will host the Runit race, organized specifically for those who work in the digital sphere: IT specialists, PPC, SEO, SMM managers. Both beginners and experienced runners can take part in the event: you can choose a distance of 3 km, 5 km, 10 km, 21.1 km, or try your hand at a relay race 3 x 5 km. Children can also take part in the race. Distances of 300 and 600 meters are declared for them.


Cycling all over Russia

Traveling all over Russia on a bicycle? Yes! On July 24, the largest cycling race in length - Red Bull Trans Siberian Extreme started in Moscow. It will end only on August 17 in Vladivostok. Six athletes from different parts of the world decided to test themselves for strength. Among them is the Russian cyclist Vladimir Gusev .

Championship Russia in surfing

From July 26 to August 12, Zelenogorsk hosts a surfing competition Onego Surf Pro , in which both professionals and amateurs take part. Surfers will fight each other in the Long Board and Short Board disciplines. Non-professionals, of course, compete separately.


Posters picnic championship

The sports portal and its Lifestyle project will combine sports and music in the summer Veloorchestra! Get on your bike and start pedaling. The instrument shown on your bike will play in the column next to it. The faster you pedal, the louder your part sounds. Vocals, guitar, bass and drums on wheels - lead an entire orchestra together and play a musical composition together! In music, as in sports, team play is important. Well-coordinated actions will help to properly conduct a cycling workout and give you the opportunity to enjoy its musical result.


Running excursions

Aqua Minerale Active together with the sports school I Love Supersport will hold so-called running excursions in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazan. Participation in Active Weekends will be open on August 4, 5, 11 and 12. Running excursions are a workout during which you will also learn new facts about the city and specific places on your route. Fit thatgood workouts and beginners.

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