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Monday morning: top 10 festivals, swims and starts this August

How to make the most of the outgoing summer and brightly meet the beginning of autumn? We understand in our digest.

Ironstar 226 Sochi 2018

An impressive iron distance is a real opportunity to test yourself for strength. Ironstar 226 Sochi 2018 will be held on September 22 in Sochi. Participants will swim for 3.86 km, cycle for 180 km and run for 42.195 km. The swim will take place in the bay of the Imeretinsky port, the bike ride will take place at the famous Sochi Autodrom, and the race route runs along the Black Sea embankment and a pier overlooking the coast.
A track that will not leave anyone indifferent, overwhelming emotions, the atmosphere of a big sports festival - all this start in Sochi.

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Ironstar Olympic Triathlon Sochi 2018

Sochi will host the Olympic triathlon distance on September 22. Agree, it is symbolic to go through the Olympics in Olympic Sochi. Not only the spirit of the Games, but also the picturesque sea and mountain landscapes give a special atmosphere to the Sochi starts. A 1.5 km swim in the bay of the Imeretinsky port, a 40 km cycling race at Sochi Autodrom and a 10 km race along the Black Sea embankment - this is what the competitors have to overcome.

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On September 15-16, a series of X-Waters swims will take place in the Austrian Wörthersee lake - a popular tourist destination characterized by tranquility and cleanliness. You can choose one of three distances: 3 km, 9 km or 17 km. Lake Wörthersee is famous for its breathtaking landscapes of the purest, clear water. The organizers propose to combine the challenge with an exciting cultural program.

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Half Marathon My Capital

On October 7, the final start of the Run on Zolotoy series will take place on Vorobyovy Gory ring. Fans of running are offered a choice of 3 distances: 3 km, 10 km and 21.1 km, and for the smallest runners the organizers will prepare races of 300 and 600 meters.

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Gran Fondo bike ride

On September 2nd, the famous Gran Fondo bike race Russia will host Volokolamsk. You can take part in one of three distances: 30 km, 60 km or 95 km. This start will be the fourth Russian stage.

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Birthday of Gorky Park

From August 25 to September 2, Moscow Gorky Park will celebrate its 90th anniversary. In connection with the anniversary, a grand festival with a rich cultural and entertainment program will be organized. The history of the jubilee park, a lot of music, master classes, contests, concerts and shows, sporting events - you will find everything here. August 29This is a scheduled Sports Day with many tournaments and open trainings. The full schedule can be found on the website.

Summer End Party

On August 30, a party to mark the end of the summer season will be held at the fitness studio and business quarter of Armagh. The event is sports and entertainment. Five Concept Fitness will develop a special training program for its guests. The party will include cycling classes, yoga and pilates, boxing and more.

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Capital of Power Competition

Datsun is launching the Capital of Power Street Athletics Tournament, with the main stage running until November 9th. Many cities from all over Russia participate in the competition, and the results are counted in both the individual, team and city events. Your task is to complete certain tasks from the categories Strength, Courage, Mastery and publish video reports.

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AtmaSphere 360 ​​innovative art platform

25 August in Gorky Park, the opening of the spherical multimedia hall AtmaSphere 360 ​​will take place at the Stas Namin Green Theater. It is a multifunctional venue that can be transformed into a cinema, theater or dance floor. A street festival of immersive art will be held in connection with the opening of a creative site in Gorky Park.

Race Heroes

On August 25, in the Chechen Republic on the territory of the Russian University of Special Forces, in Gudermes, the Race of Heroes will take place - a Russian extreme obstacle race over rough terrain, organized by the League of Heroes in cooperation with RUS. It will become a record-breaking prize pool and the most difficult in the history of the project.

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